Famous people died in 1792

    Richard Arkwright

    Richard Arkwright

    Sir Richard Arkwright was an 18th century inventor known as 'the Father of the Industrial Revolution'

    BritishDecember 23, 1732131 views

    George Mason

    George Mason was an American statesman and a delegate to the U.S

    AmericanDecember 11, 1725156 views

    John Smeaton

    John Smeaton was an English engineer famously known as the ‘Father of Civil Engineering’

    BritishJune 8, 1724158 views

    Lord North

    Lord North served as the Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1770 to 1782

    BritishApril 13, 1732133 views

    John Paul Jones

    Scottish-American sailor, John Paul Jones was the greatest naval commander in the American Revolutionary War

    AmericanJuly 6, 174784 views