Famous people born in October 2000

Ariana Renee Trejos

Ariana Renee Trejos

Ariana Renee aka TheyLoveArii is a musical.ly content creator and social media star

AmericanOctober 23, 2000122 views

Ben Morris

Ben Morris is an English YouTuber known for posting soccer-related content

BritishOctober 5, 2000117 views

Kiera Bridget

Kiera Bridget is a British YouTube star and social media personality well-known for her self-titled YouTube channel ‘Kiera Bridget.’ Let’s have a look at her family, personal life, age, birthday, etc.

BritishOctober 21, 2000216 views

Sergio Calderon

Sergio Calderon is an American singer-songwriter

Jeffrey Miller

Jeffrey Miller is an American pop and R&B singer, songwriter, guitarist, and pianist

AmericanOctober 12, 2000112 views

Brooklyn Wyatt

Brooklyn Wyatt is a British singer, musician, and social media influencer

BritishOctober 1, 2000221 views


Berrypinklips is a popular beauty vlogger on YouTube

TurkishOctober 18, 2000111 views

Hayden Byerly

Hayden Byerly is an actor best known for his role in the drama ‘The Fosters’

AmericanOctober 11, 2000134 views

Anastasia Kingsnorth

Anastasia Kingsnorth is an English beauty, fashion, and lifestyle vlogger

BritishOctober 13, 2000245 views

Jazz Jennings

All about American internet personality including her age, birthday, net worth, boyfriends, and some fun facts.

AmericanOctober 6, 2000136 views