Famous people born in 26 November

St Francis of Assisi

St Francis of Assisi

St Francis of Assisi was one of the most venerated religious figures in the history of Christianity

ItalianNovember 26, 1182106 views

Karl Ziegler

Karl Waldemar Ziegler was a German Chemist who won the 1963 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

GermanNovember 26, 1898101 views

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

Adolfo Pérez Esquivel is an Argentine human rights activist who won the 1980 Nobel Peace Prize

Mary Edwards Walker

Mary Edwards Walker was an American feminist, an alleged spy, women’s right activist, an abolitionist and a prisoner of war

AmericanNovember 26, 1832165 views

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is a former Prime Minister of Malaysia

MalaysianNovember 26, 1939144 views

Ilona Staller

Ilona Staller is a famous Hungarian adult film star and politician

HungarianNovember 26, 1951394 views

Elizabeth Blackburn

Elizabeth Blackburn is a Nobel Prize winner who created a sensation with her finding on telomere and telomerase

Verghese Kurien

Verghese Kurien, best known as the “Father of the White Revolution” in India, was the founder Chairman of the National Dairy Development Board

IndianNovember 26, 1921141 views

John Gardner

John Gardner was an English novelist, the author who wrote the sequels of the famous ‘James Bond’ novels

BritishNovember 26, 192694 views

Bat Masterson

Bat Masterson was a professional gambler, U.S

CanadianNovember 26, 1853159 views