Famous people born in 27 November

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was one of the most iconic martial arts instructors who elevated the popularity of the combat practice in the world

ChineseNovember 27, 1940164 views

Charles Scott Sherrington

Charles Sherrington was a Nobel Prize winning English scientist who explained the function of neurons in the human body

BritishNovember 27, 1857188 views

Suleyman Rustam

Suleyman Rustam was a 20th century poet, playwright and public figure of Soviet Azerbaijan

Chaim Weizmann

The famous scientist is known for his discovery of the industrial fermentation

BritishNovember 27, 1874158 views

Anders Celsius

Anders Celsius was a Swedish astronomer and physicist who proposed the Celsius temperature scale and founded the Uppsala Observatory

SwedishNovember 27, 1701119 views

Anuel AA

Anuel AA is a Puerto Rican rapper

Charlotte Brosnan

Charlotte Brosnan was an English actress and the adopted daughter of Hollywood megastar Pierce Brosnan

BritishNovember 27, 1971264 views

Bostyn Brown

Bostyn Brown is an American dancer

AmericanNovember 27, 2003140 views

Bill Nye

Bill Nye is an American television host, scientist, science educator, writer, actor and comedian

AmericanNovember 27, 1955170 views

Bonnie Hoellein

Bonnie Hoellein is an American YouTuber known for posting family-oriented videos