Famous people born in 16 February - page 2

    Aharon Appelfeld

    Aharon Appelfeld

    Aharon Appelfeld is a celebrated Israeli author

    IsraeliFebruary 16, 1932115 views

    Alejandra Silva

    Alejandra Silva is a Spanish publicist who is married to Richard Gere

    SpanishFebruary 16, 1983910 views

    Valentino Rossi

    Valentino Rossi is a world famous motorcycle racer who has won the MotoGP World Championship several times

    ItalianFebruary 16, 1979118 views

    John McEnroe

    John McEnroe is a former world number one American professional tennis player

    AmericanFebruary 16, 1959362 views


    Akidearest is a YouTube personality, best known for posting videos pertaining to anime

    AmericanFebruary 16, 1993229 views

    Papa Rug

    Papa Rug is the husband of famous YouTuber, Sana Awadis, popularly known as Mama Rug

    AmericanFebruary 16, 1964286 views


    Poudii is a famous American YouTuber who has earned fame for posting a variety of videos

    AmericanFebruary 16, 1999197 views

    YFN Lucci

    YFN Lucci is an American rapper

    AmericanFebruary 16, 1991227 views

    Andy Fowler

    Andy Robert Fowler is a British singer-songwriter and guitarist

    BritishFebruary 16, 1994224 views

    Matthew Knight

    Matthew Knight is a Canadian actor who is best known for his roles as Jake Kimble in the horror film series 'The Grudge'

    CanadianFebruary 16, 1994158 views