Famous people born in 14 February

    Christopher Latham Sholes

    Christopher Latham Sholes

    Christopher Latham Sholes was an American inventor

    AmericanFebruary 14, 1819153 views

    Herbert A. Hauptman

    Herbert Aaron Hauptman was an American mathematician who won the 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

    Gregory Hines

    Gregory Hines was an American dancer and actor who appeared in movies like ‘The Cotton Club’ and ‘White Nights.’ This biography of Gregory Hines provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.

    AmericanFebruary 14, 1946198 views

    Charles Thomson Rees Wilson

    Charles Thomson Rees Wilson was a Scottish meteorologist and physicist

    BritishFebruary 14, 1869183 views


    Babur was an Uzbek warrior who laid the foundation of the Mughal dynasty in the Indian subcontinent

    Michael Bloomberg

    Michael Bloomberg is an American business magnate who has also served as the Mayor of New York City

    AmericanFebruary 14, 1942199 views

    Cadel Evans

    Cadel Evans is a former Australian professional racing cyclist who won the 2011 Tour de France

    Edward Arthur Milne

    Edward Arthur Milne was an English astrophysicist and mathematician, best known for developing the theory of kinematic relativity

    BritishFebruary 14, 1896137 views

    Francesco Cavalli

    Go through the biography of one of the leading opera composers, Francesco Cavalli, and learn all about his childhood, life and timeline.

    ItalianFebruary 14, 1602121 views

    Anna Howard Shaw

    Anna Howard Shaw was a leader of the women's suffrage movement in the United States

    AmericanFebruary 14, 1847125 views