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Find out the Famous Peoples died this month who are Intellectuals & Academics, African American Athletes, African Americans and more. This list contain Famous people died this month including Prophet Muhammad, Carl Jung, Richard Ramirez, Althea Flynt, Abraham Maslow and many more Celebrities.

The Most Famous people died this month

Prophet MuhammadApril 22, 571Saudi ArabianProphet Muhammad was the founder of Islam, one of the most widespread religions in the world
Carl JungJuly 26, 1875SwissCarl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist famous for founding the school of analytical psychology
Richard RamirezFebruary 29, 1960AmericanRichard Ramirez was an American serial killer and rapist dubbed as the “Night Stalker”
Althea FlyntNovember 6, 1953AmericanAlthea Flynt was an American magazine publisher and wife of Larry Flynt
Abraham MaslowApril 1, 1908AmericanAbraham Maslow was a humanistic psychologist best known for his theory of self-actualization
XXXTentacionJanuary 23, 1998AmericanXXXTentacion (Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy) was an American rapper, known for his raw and daring style of music
Bob CraneJuly 13, 1928AmericanRobert Edward Crane, well known as Bob Crane, was an American actor, radio host, drummer, and disc jockey
Muhammad AliJanuary 17, 1942AmericanMuhammad Ali was a legendary boxer who became the first and only three-time lineal World Heavyweight Champion
Stephanie KwolekJuly 31, 1923AmericanStephanie Kwolek was an American chemist whose research work led to the development of the synthetic fiber, Kevlar
Chris BenoitMay 21, 1967CanadianChris Benoit (Christopher Michael Benoit) was a Canada born professional wrestler
John Gotti

John Gotti

John Gotti, also known as ‘the last Mafia Icon’, was an American mobster and the former godfather of the powerful American mafia family, Gambino

AmericanOctober 27, 1940207 views

Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield was a well known American actress

AmericanApril 19, 1933192 views

James Madison

James Madison was the fourth President of the United States, hailed as the "Father of the Constitution"

AmericanMarch 16, 1751149 views

Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett was a famous advertising executive who founded the leading advertising agency the Leo Burnett Company

AmericanOctober 21, 1891217 views

Henry Clay

Henry Clay was an influential politician in the nineteenth century America

AmericanApril 12, 1777117 views

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry was an American politician, orator and a revolutionary leader who brought Virginian independence in the 1770s

AmericanMay 29, 1736148 views

Franz Kafka

A renowned German-language novelist, Franz Kafka was considered as one of the best writers of 20th century

AustrianJuly 3, 1883172 views

Kimbo Slice

Kevin Ferguson, popularly known as Kimbo Slice, was an American mixed martial artist

George Carlin

George Carlin was a comedian and social satirist most noted for his views on controversial subjects

AmericanMay 12, 1937155 views

John Dewey

John Dewey was a famous American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer

AmericanOctober 20, 1859197 views