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Find out the Famous Peoples born this week who are Fashion, Models, Film & Theater Personalities and more. This list contain Famous people born this week including Sophie Reade, Israel Houghton, Camren Bicondova, Katie Price, Armon Warren and many more Celebrities.

The Most Famous people born this week

Sophie ReadeMay 18, 1989BritishSophie Victoria Reade is a British model and reality show star
Israel HoughtonMay 19, 1971AmericanIsrael Houghton is a Grammy award-winning American Christian music recording artist, songwriter, producer and worship leader
Camren BicondovaMay 22, 1999AmericanCamren Bicondova is an American actress as well as a dancer
Katie PriceMay 22, 1978BritishKatie Price is an English model and television personality
Armon WarrenMay 18, 1997AmericanArmon Warren is an American singer and social-media star
Mr. TMay 21, 1952AmericanMr
Anjulie PersaudMay 21, 1983CanadianAnjulie Persaud is a Canadian pop-singer, songwriter and musician
Ruskin BondMay 19, 1934IndianRuskin Bond is an award winning Indian author of British descent
Dieter DenglerMay 22, 1938AmericanDieter Dengler was a German-born United States Navy aviator who was the first captured U.S
Emma ChamberlainMay 22, 2001AmericanEmma Chamberlain is an American YouTube star
Nellie Melba

Nellie Melba

Dame Nellie Melba was a world-famous Australian opera soprano, best remembered for her beautiful singing and powerful stage presence

AustralianMay 19, 1861150 views

Marcel Breuer

Marcel Lajos Breuer was a world famous modernist architect and designer considered as one of the most prominent proponents of International Style

HungarianMay 21, 1902238 views

Walter Gropius

Walter Adolph Georg Gropius was a renowned German-American architect

GermanMay 18, 1883147 views

Sigrid Undset

Sigrid Undset was Norwegian novelist and a Nobel Prize winner

NorwegianMay 20, 1882152 views

Frédéric Passy

Frederic Passy was an economist and a peace activist who received the first Nobel Peace Prize along with Henri Durant

FrenchMay 20, 1822169 views

Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is an award winning Indian author of British descent

IndianMay 19, 1934805 views

Léon Bourgeois

Léon Victor Auguste Bourgeois was a French statesman and a Nobel laureate

FrenchMay 21, 1851106 views

Anatoly Karpov

Anatoly Karpov is a Russian chess grandmaster who was the official world champion from 1975 to 1985

RussianMay 23, 1951159 views


Georges Prosper Remi, better known by his pen name Herge, was a Belgian cartoonist and illustrator, who created the iconic Tintin comic strip

BelgianMay 22, 1907293 views

Mohamed Nasheed

Mohamed Nasheed is a Maldivian politician and former President of the Maldives

MaldivianMay 17, 1967144 views