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Find out the Famous Peoples born this week who are Fashion, Models, Film & Theater Personalities and more. This list contain Famous people born this week including Galina Becker, Alahna Ly, Sasha Grey, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Boris Kodjoe and many more Celebrities.

The Most Famous people born this week

Galina BeckerMarch 11, 1987AmericanGalina Becker is a former athlete and fitness model from America
Alahna LyMarch 11, 2000AmericanAlahna Ly is an American social media star
Sasha GreyMarch 14, 1988AmericanSasha Grey is an American model, actress, and musician
Vitaly ZdorovetskiyMarch 8, 1992Russian, AmericanCheck out all that you wanted to know about Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, the budding YouTube Personality; his birthday, family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.
Boris KodjoeMarch 8, 1973Austrian, German, GhanaianBoris Kodjoe is a German-Ghanaian actor from Austria
Merlin SantanaMarch 14, 1976AmericanMerlin Santana was an Afro-Latino-American television actor
Mike LoveMarch 15, 1941AmericanOne of the famous members of ‘The Beach Boys’, Mike Love is an American singer, musician and lyricist
Mace CoronelMarch 10, 2004AmericanCheck out all that you wanted to know about Mace Coronel, the famous American TV Actor; his birthday, his family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.
Walter KohnMarch 9, 1923AustrianNobel Laureate Walter Kohn was an Austrian-born American theoretical chemist and physicist
Cyrus DobreMarch 9, 1993AmericanCyrus Dobre is an American YouTuber
Vladimir Vernadsky

Vladimir Vernadsky

Vladimir Vernadsky was a famous Ukrainian mineralogist who is known for his pioneering work in the field of radioactivity and biogeochemistry

RussianMarch 12, 186391 views

Paul Ehrlich

Paul Ehrlich was a Nobel Prize winning German scientist who invented the medicine to cure syphilis and diphtheria

GermanMarch 14, 1854119 views

Ernest Bevin

Ernest Bevin was a British politician and trade union leader

BritishMarch 9, 1881116 views

Alexander III of Russia

Alexander III of Russia was the emperor of Russia from 1881 to 1894, dubbed "The Peacemaker"

RussianMarch 10, 1845116 views

Isabella Beeton

Mrs Beeton was an English author who penned the famous book, ‘Mrs Beeton’s Book on Household Management’

BritishMarch 12, 183689 views

Rezā Shāh

Reza Shah was the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty and Shah of Iran from 1925 to 1941

IranianMarch 15, 1878164 views

Juliette Binoche

Juliette Binoche is an Academy Award winning French actress

FrenchMarch 9, 1964111 views

Tammy Duckworth

Tammy Duckworth is an Asian-American war veteran and politician

AmericanMarch 12, 1968129 views

Hugo Wolf

Hugo Wolf was a late 19th century Austrian composer best known for his art songs

SlovenianMarch 13, 1860169 views

Jonas Žemaitis

Jonas Zemaitis was the Chairman of the Lithuanian Movement for Freedom, posthumously recognized as the President of Lithuania

LithuanianMarch 15, 1909101 views