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Ellie Mecham's Personal Details

All about American YouTube star, vlogger and beauty guide Ellie Mecham; her age, birthday, boyfriends, husband, net worth, and some fun facts.

BirthdayApril 19, 1991
FamousBeauty Expert, Vloggers, Youtube Star, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, Beauty Vloggers
SiblingsBonnie, Julie, Ruby& Beau
Birth PlaceUtah, United States
FatherChad Griffiths
MotherJennifer Griffiths
Net Worth$0.32 million as of Jan 29,2017
Sun SignAries
Born inUtah, United States
Famous asYouTube star, vlogger, Beauty Expert

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Who is Ellie Mecham?

The warm and optimistic Ellie created her YouTube channel along with her husband Jared. Ellie, a mother of two who once struggled with infertility herself, has won the hearts of several women fighting infertility. Her positivity is almost infectious! She regularly vlogs about her family and shares her experiences. Ellie also uploads makeup tutorials and provides beauty tips and guidelines to her supporters. She has two channels: one with her husband and the other owned only by her. Collectively she has over a million subscribers on her channels. She also posts pictures of her family on Instagram where she has around 434K followers, and regularly updates her fans on Twitter where she has accumulated a handsome 120K followers. She shares a beautiful and healthy relationship with her family members and is one of the more successful daily vloggers of this age.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Ellie stumbled upon YouTube a couple of years ago and began her first channel called ‘stylebyellie.’ She later started vlogging with her husband and changed the name of the same channel to ‘Ellie and Jared.’ The couple first started by documenting videos of their struggles with infertility. Initially, they wouldn’t post regular videos and the intervals between videos would span 1 – 2 weeks. After a year they decided to post regular videos. The couple have their individual channels as well. On the ‘Ellie Mecham’ channel, she has around 250K subscribers and posts videos of makeup, shopping hauls, pregnancy, and cooking. She also posts question and answer videos, where her fans ask her beauty and pregnancy related questions and seek advice. She also appeared on a television show ‘Studio C’ in 2012.

What Makes Ellie So Special

Apart from being a gorgeous and fit mother of two, Ellie is organized, lovable and affectionate. She is always beaming with positivity and is a piousCatholic. Her faith in God and the miracles he has performed in her life, have made her a better person. She struggled for years with infertility, wandering from one clinic to another,undergoing umpteen tests. Today she is blessed with two sons, and she is grateful to God, the doctors and her family for their support. She loves spreading cheer and hopes to help other women experiencing what she had been through. She wishes to make people feel more positive and confident about themselves.

Beyond Fame

When she isn’t vlogging, Ellie is busy being a mother. She loves looking after her kids – bathing and feeding them. She dedicates her entire day to their well-being. She is a supportive wife and extends any form of help her husband requires. Her motive in life is to spread plenty of love, and thus her home is filled with it. She loves music; it eases her stress and calms her. Especially she loves listening to ‘Little Lion Man.’When she is gloomy, the only thing that can pick her up is feasting on cookies. Her favorite color is peach as she finds it both radiant and positive. She loves watching movies with her family; her favorite actress is Kristen Bell. She also loves pets, especially chickens. She used to look after their coop when she was small and intends to keep them again in near future. Ellie loves being in nature, setting up a camp, listening to crickets and watching the stars in the midst of peace—itmakes her feel grateful for everything in her life.

Behind the Curtains

Ellie was a beautiful baby born to Jennifer and Chad Griffiths. She was born to a couple with four kids and therefore she is the fifth and youngest of them all. Her eldest sister is Ruby, followed by her brother Beau, Bonnie is her middle sister and Julie is a couple of years elder. Ellie had a beautiful childhood with her siblings, they never really needed friends as they were all so close. However, she is closest to her brother Beau, who always protected her, and her sister Julie. She did have petty fights with her other sisters but loves them to bits. Ellie got married to Jared after she completed her high school; she was only 18 years old then. The couple tried to have a baby for years and finally they were blessed with Jackson Clark.When her first son was nine months, she conceived her second child, Calvin Scott. Both her sons have appeared on her videos and they are simply adorable! She hopes to move into a bigger house soon, and is saving to give her children a bright future.


Ellie and Jared Mecham began their channel in order to support others suffering from infertility as Ellie was going through the same owing to PCOS.

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Ellie Mecham's FAQ

  • What is Ellie Mecham birthday?

    Ellie Mecham was born at 1991-04-19

  • Where is Ellie Mecham's birth place?

    Ellie Mecham was born in Utah, United States

  • What is Ellie Mecham nationalities?

    Ellie Mecham's nationalities is American

  • Who is Ellie Mecham spouses?

    Ellie Mecham's spouses is Jared

  • Who is Ellie Mecham siblings?

    Ellie Mecham's siblings is Bonnie, Julie, Ruby& Beau

  • How tall is Ellie Mecham?

    Ellie Mecham's height is 157

  • Who is Ellie Mecham's father?

    Ellie Mecham's father is Chad Griffiths

  • Who is Ellie Mecham's mother?

    Ellie Mecham's mother is Jennifer Griffiths

  • What is Ellie Mecham's sun sign?

    Ellie Mecham is Aries

  • How famous is Ellie Mecham?

    Ellie Mecham is famouse as YouTube star, vlogger, Beauty Expert

  • What is Ellie Mecham's twitter?

    Ellie Mecham's twitter is https://twitter.com/elliemecham/

  • What is Ellie Mecham's youtube?

    Ellie Mecham's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/elliemecham

  • What is Ellie Mecham's instagram?

    Ellie Mecham's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/elliemecham/