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Brooklyn McKnight's Personal Details

Brooklyn McKnight is an American YouTube star and social media personality

BirthdayDecember 31, 1999
FamousYoutubers, Teens and Kids, YouTubers, Beauty Vloggers, Fashion Vloggers
Nick namesBrooklyn Victoria McKnight
SiblingsBailey McKnight, Rylan McKnight
Birth PlaceMichigan
FatherShaun McKnight
MotherMindy McKnight
Sun SignCapricorn
Born inMichigan
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Brooklyn McKnight?

Brooklyn McKnight is no stranger to fashion and all things related to fashion. She is famous for featuring in her mother, Mindy McKnight’s YouTube page ‘CuteGirlsHairstyles’ alongwith her sister, Bailey McKnight. She also has her own YouTube channel called ‘BrooklynAndBailey’ which she shares and operates with her twin sister. Just like her mother, she uploads a lot of cute hairstyling videos which are always a massive hit with her subscribers. She along with her sister generally create content revolving around lifestyle, vlogs, crafting, fashion and beauty. Currently, they have around 3.2 million subscribers and have one of the most popular YouTube channels out there.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Brooklyn McKnight’s mother started making creative hairstyles for her and her sister when they were just 18 months old. So it’s safe to say that she started having a good idea about fashion and all things pretty from a very, very young age! Even though she started getting recognized after making appearances on her mother, Mindy McKnight’s YouTube channel, ‘CuteGirlsHairstyles’, gradually Brooklyn alongwith her sister started their own channel called ‘BrooklynAndBailey’ where they film and upload a lot of fashion related stuff. Her step-by-step tutorials are immensely popular among her subscribers and are followed religiously. Apart from fashion, she also gives a peek into her personal life to her subscribers by talking about babysitting tips, dating advice, fun family activities, budget fashion tips, beginner’s makeup, etc. She even talks about getting braces! Some of her most popular videos are ‘Wisdom Teeth Video’, ‘Expectation vs.Reality: The Last Day of School’ and also her collaboration video with Studio C called ‘The Other Parent Trap.’ McKnight and her sister also run a channel called ‘Squared’ which features a number of other twins. Apart from YouTube, Brooklyn also had a role in the 2008 movie ‘The Adventures of Foodboy’ starring High School Musical’s Lucas Grabeel. She has also been featured on the ‘Anderson Live’ daytime talk show, hosted by Anderson Cooper. She alongwith her sister also covered the song ‘A Life That’s Good’ alongside Peter Hollens. Brooklyn McKnight and her sister love makeup and are planning to eventually launch their own makeup line or partner with a known brand on one. The girls have more than 3.2 million subscribers on the‘BrooklynAndBailey’ channel and almost 5 million subscribers on ‘CuteGirlsHairstyles.’ She is also very popular on Instagram, where she has more than 2 million followers!

What Makes Brooklyn McKnight So Special

With her long hair and big princess eyes, not only is Brooklyn McKnight a very beautiful girl but also a very charming one. She also has a very girl-next-door feel to her which her subscribers find very relatable. The way she conducts and presents herself makes her attractive and very arresting. She along with her mother and sister bring in enough money from their respective YouTube channels to sustain their family of eight. It’s a fact that ‘CuteGirlsHairstyles’ makes anywhere between $4.7K and $75.3K per month! At just the young age of 16, she serves as an inspiration to many young teenage girls out there. Also her coming from a family where she has two adopted black siblings sends out a very positive message. Even though she has attained a lot of fame, fortune and popularity at such a young age, her seriousness about education and wanting to continue with it is heartening to see.

Beyond Fame

Brooklyn McKnight is extraordinarily passionate about her education and studies and considers it to be her number one priority, no matter what. Rather, she is just getting ready to take her ACTs and start going for college campus tours. She wishes to get a degree in business or possibly become a child psychiatrist.

Behind the Curtain

When Brooklyn McKnight is not working, she loves spending time with her family and siblings. She also loves playing with her two dogs, Ash and Braidy. She is a huge fan of Taylor Swift and loves to attend her concerts. She has even photobombed Taylor Swift in one of her concerts! She is also a voracious reader and loves reading books in her spare time. Additionally, she has also taken her driver’s test and has her own car, a silver Jeep which she loves to drive. She loves going on long drives with her family and siblings.

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Brooklyn McKnight's FAQ

  • What is Brooklyn McKnight birthday?

    Brooklyn McKnight was born at 1999-12-31

  • Where is Brooklyn McKnight's birth place?

    Brooklyn McKnight was born in Michigan

  • What is Brooklyn McKnight nationalities?

    Brooklyn McKnight's nationalities is American

  • What is Brooklyn McKnight nick names?

    Brooklyn McKnight's nickNames is Brooklyn Victoria McKnight

  • Who is Brooklyn McKnight siblings?

    Brooklyn McKnight's siblings is Bailey McKnight, Rylan McKnight

  • Who is Brooklyn McKnight's father?

    Brooklyn McKnight's father is Shaun McKnight

  • Who is Brooklyn McKnight's mother?

    Brooklyn McKnight's mother is Mindy McKnight

  • What is Brooklyn McKnight's sun sign?

    Brooklyn McKnight is Capricorn

  • How famous is Brooklyn McKnight?

    Brooklyn McKnight is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Brooklyn McKnight's facebook?

    Brooklyn McKnight's facebook is

  • What is Brooklyn McKnight's twitter?

    Brooklyn McKnight's twitter is

  • What is Brooklyn McKnight's youtube?

    Brooklyn McKnight's youtube is

  • What is Brooklyn McKnight's instagram?

    Brooklyn McKnight's instagram is