An editor may refer to a person who is skilled and trained at correcting the flaws in a particular piece of work. An editor may work in several fields, such as written publications or collectively called print media, visual media and audio. An editor working in the print medium is responsible for assigning work to his juniors and also checks foe any kinds of errors in the articles or stories that has been submitted to him. A film editor is involved in the editing of raw footage that has been shoot and selects the scenes and assembles them in an order, called a sequence. Digital editors may work in the television, films, music videos or commercials. An audio editor may refer to a type of editor who edits music, or any kind of audio be it dialogues in a film, commercial, music video, audio tapes. Another kind of editor, is a photo editor, he may be involved in the editing of photographs and correcting any errors caused due to expose of light. Discover and learn more fascinating facts about the lives of many famous artists across the world with their detailed biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.