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Located in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the United States of America is the state of Delaware. With its capital city as Dover and the largest city being Wilmington, Delaware is divided into three counties. It is often referred to as ‘The First State’, as it was the first one to be ratified into the constitution. The state of Delaware is also popularly called various other names such as ‘The Small Wonder’, ‘The Diamond State’ and ‘Blue Hen State’. Many celebrated individuals were born and brought up in Delaware. One fine example would be the six time Grammy winner Stephen Marley, the son of the famous reggae icon Bob Marley. Artists such as George Thorogood and Chuck Wicks were also born in this state. Delaware has created several distinguished and famous actors such as the hilarious Aubrey Plaza, Teri Polo, Ryan Phillippe, Elisabeth Shue. Although the popular Joe Biden was born in Pennsylvania, he was raised in the state of Delaware, where he even represented in the Senate. Even athletes such as Paul Goldschmidt, Colin Burns, Devin Smith and Mark Eaton are from the state. Keep reading to know more people from Delaware & celebs born in Delaware.

Beau Biden, Elisabeth Shue, Valerie Bertinelli, Annie Jump Cannon & Caesar Rodney are some of the celebrities who hail from Delaware.

The Most Famous People From Delaware

Elisabeth ShueOctober 6, 1963AmericanElisabeth Shue is a popular American actress
Molly O MaliaMay 22, 2001AmericanMolly O'Malia is an American social media personality and singer
Teri PoloJune 1, 1969AmericanTeri Polo is an American actor who has been part of several movies and TV series
Javi MarroquinDecember 11, 1992AmericanJavi Marroquin is a reality star best known for appearing in the reality TV series ‘Teen Mom 2’
Beau BidenFebruary 3, 1969AmericanBeau Biden was the eldest child of the former U.S
Ryan PhillippeSeptember 10, 1974AmericanRyan Phillippe is an American actor known for his role in horror films
Valerie BertinelliApril 23, 1960AmericanValerie Bertinelli is an American actress and author
Annie Jump CannonDecember 11, 1863AmericanAnnie Jump Cannon was an American astronomer and physicist
Daniel NathansOctober 30, 1928AmericanDaniel Nathans was an American microbiologist who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1978
Jonah GreenJune 1, 1995AmericanJonah Green is an American filmmaker and a creator of video content on Vine and the YouTube
Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli is an American actress and author

AmericanApril 23, 1960256 views

Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Shue is a popular American actress

AmericanOctober 6, 1963661 views