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CJ So Cool's Personal Details

All about the famous American YouTube star CJ So Cool; his age, birthday, family life, net worth, girlfriends, and some fun facts.

BirthdayMarch 29, 1989
FamousYoutube Star, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, YouTube Pranksters
Nick namesCordero James Brady
SiblingsAnthony Brady (Jinx)
Birth PlaceGary, Indiana
Sun SignAries
Born inGary, Indiana
Famous asYouTube star

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Who is CJ So Cool?

Known popularly for his quick and hilarious reactions to YouTube videos and for his pranks, CJ has a phenomenal 1.8 million subscriptions on his YouTube account called ‘CJ so Cool.’ He is one YouTuber who does not hold back on his comments! He has a younger brother ‘Jinx’, also a YouTuber, who has helped him shape his career and better the quality of his videos. He is currently residing at Los Angles and is married and has three step-kids. This 27-year-old star has found himselfamidst quite a few controversies ranging from his account getting hacked to him being accused of being insensitive towards hisstep-children. He has also been accused of stealing videos. However, he still manages to have a large fan following not just on YouTube but on other social media sites too. He has 218K followers on Instagram and on Twitter he has 48.3 K followers.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Back in the day, during his school years CJ created his first YouTube account. But even with his constant efforts, it didn’t work for him. He hardly received 35,000 views and not many subscriptions. It was only with the assistance of his younger brother that he took note of improving the content on his page and increased the quality of his videos, which helped him rise to stardom in 2014. He began by only reacting to videos and later began uploading ‘Try not to laugh’, ‘prank videos’, and other comic videos. Mainly these were collaborated with his brother ‘Jinx’ and ‘Royalty’, his girlfriend whom he later married. He also became a vlogger with growing popularity and began uploading weekly vlogs and challenges with his family. However, during his rise to fame, he also received plenty of criticism, though less than his brother. Afew viewers began a signature campaign to remove his account after he posted a video where he mixed laxatives in Royalty’s children’s ice-creams and then joked about their diarrhea and pain. Many viewers found this offensive, because of which his wife had to give the viewers an explanation and YouTube took quick action to remove the video as it had content against their policy.

What Makes CJ So Special

Barring all the problems he gets himself into, CJ knows how to grab the attention of his viewers. Though there are numerous YouTubers who disagree with the content posted by CJ, yet he is recognized and is watched by numerous youngsters. After realizing the mistake he had made by posting content that was controversial, he has limited himself to making only vlog and challenge videos. His most recent video where he gives food to homeless people, was appreciated by many fans and helped cool off the heat he was subjected to owing to the discontent from a couple of his prior videos.

Beyond Fame

CJ is a tattoo freak; he has a lot of tattoos on his body. He wears mainly polo t-shirts, and has a tattoo of it too on his waist. He is also crazy about his sneakers and shoes, and hoards hundreds of them. He mentioned in a video that he is addicted to YouTube, and it runs his life. If it weren’t for his viewers, he wouldn’t have achieved this much success, and therefore in order to keep his viewers entertained and to make sure they don’t forget him, he is glued to uploading new videos.

Behind the Curtains

He was born in Indiana, United States. As a youngster he took up summer jobs to help support his family. He has a younger brother, Jinx.Before he made it big in YouTube, CJ worked as a blackjack, a poker dealer and as a casino craps dealer. He took up full-time work on YouTube after he gained a large number of subscribers. He is in a relationship with his girlfriend Royalty and the two of them live together in Las Vegas. Royalty has three children from her previous relationship. He is also the stepfather of three kids. His YouTube account got hacked in 2015, and all his videos were erased. He had to begin from scratch and upload new and old videos once again. He has a couple of rivals on YouTube, who flag his videos as inappropriate. Yet, he remains unaffected and continues to keep his viewers entertained with fresh videos every week.

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CJ So Cool's FAQ

  • What is CJ So Cool birthday?

    CJ So Cool was born at 1989-03-29

  • Where is CJ So Cool's birth place?

    CJ So Cool was born in Gary, Indiana

  • What is CJ So Cool nationalities?

    CJ So Cool's nationalities is American

  • What is CJ So Cool nick names?

    CJ So Cool's nickNames is Cordero James Brady

  • Who is CJ So Cool spouses?

    CJ So Cool's spouses is Royalty

  • Who is CJ So Cool siblings?

    CJ So Cool's siblings is Anthony Brady (Jinx)

  • How tall is CJ So Cool?

    CJ So Cool's height is 182

  • What is CJ So Cool's sun sign?

    CJ So Cool is Aries

  • How famous is CJ So Cool?

    CJ So Cool is famouse as YouTube star

  • What is CJ So Cool's facebook?

    CJ So Cool's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/CJ-SO-COOL-769560223152684/

  • What is CJ So Cool's twitter?

    CJ So Cool's twitter is https://twitter.com/cjsocool1

  • What is CJ So Cool's instagram?

    CJ So Cool's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/cj_socool

  • What is CJ So Cool's younow?

    CJ So Cool's younow is https://www.younow.com/CJSOCOOL