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Brandon Calvillo's Personal Details

Brandon Calvillo is a famous American Viner and social media personality

BirthdayJuly 28, 1994
FamousInstagram Star, Social Media Stars, Viners, Teens and Kids
SiblingsGregory Calvillo, Jesse Calvillo
  • Went to El Dorado High School
Birth PlaceCalifornia
Sun SignLeo
Born inCalifornia
Famous asViner, Instagram Star

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Who is Brandon Calvillo?

Brandon Calvillo is a Viner who has gained popularity by posting videos on the video-sharing platform Vine. He has over 6.4 million followers on his Vine account and about 60K subscribers on his YouTube channel. Brandon is also an Instagram star and social media celebrity. His Twitter account has 217K followers while Instagram has 747K followers. The Viner’s sense of humor has got him a lot of appreciation online particularly from the adolescent audience. The topics that Brandon takes up for his jokes range from teenage matters to early adulthood issues, to father-son interactions and social distress. His net worth is about $350,000. In one of Brandon’s popular videos, his mother is seated and is holding a generic brand of ice cream. Brandon approaches her and places a box of Popsicles in her lap. He pats her on the shoulder and she instantly disappears and turns into loads of Popsicle boxes. The Vine star has also created videos along with fellow Latino social media stars.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Brandon began using Vine just for fun after he quit his job at a sandwich shop. Later he decided to discard the dark, noir content in his videos and made them more decent and family oriented. The creative boy then made a six-second video ‘Getting Tacos for Taylor Swift’, which became popular on Vine. Brandon uploaded his maiden video on Vine on March 14, 2013 and by April had attracted 10,000 followers. He gained a 10 Vines deal with Virgin Mobile with the assistance of talent agency GrapeStory. The boy has also worked with Viners such as Christian DelGrosso, Jason Nash, Josh Darnit, Nash Grier, King Bach, Thomas Sanders, Marcus Johns, and David Dobrik. Brandon has also done a full length film called FML: A Social Media Adventure alongside Jason Nash. He also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show and AXS TV Live.

What Makes Brandon Calvillo So Special

Brandon is acclaimed for his hilarious, self-aware personality. The Viner was working at a sandwich shop during which he discovered Vine on his smart phone. Most people were using it for cracking jokes then, so Brandon wondered about how to tell a joke in six seconds. He began building on ideas based on his interactions with the customers at the shop. His initial videos comprised of black humor though he eventually changed his style. Brandon finds it awkward and weird when people recognize him on the streets but he takes his stardom with humility and remains an approachable person.

Beyond Fame

Brandon created a controversy when he and his brother Jesse did a Vine analysis on Snapchat and judged the Vines on the comedy page and marked the Vines sarcastically. He said they did it only for sake of humor but in doing so offended many Viners by making fun of them. In a solo video Brandon said that he was the most flawed person on the planet and had no right to judge anybody for any reason. Brandon asked for forgiveness by saying that “I apologize sincerely to any Viner who I made feel bad or made fun of, I’m sorry”.

Behind The Curtains

The young man resides at his mother and step-father’s home in Placentia. His parents have also appeared in some of his videos. He never misses to run past a video through his family members before uploading it. Brandon believes that he gets convinced that he has done something fruitful if each of his family members has a laugh after viewing the video. Brandon’s brothers Jesse Calvillo and Gregory Calvillo are also Viners, and are of great help to him. The funny boy attended the El Dorado High School in Placentia but didn’t go to college. Brandon has never come out openly with his love affairs but there have been speculations that he is dating someone special.


Prior to making Vine videos Brandon worked in a sandwich shop.

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Brandon Calvillo's FAQ

  • What is Brandon Calvillo birthday?

    Brandon Calvillo was born at 1994-07-28

  • Where is Brandon Calvillo's birth place?

    Brandon Calvillo was born in California

  • What is Brandon Calvillo nationalities?

    Brandon Calvillo's nationalities is American

  • Who is Brandon Calvillo siblings?

    Brandon Calvillo's siblings is Gregory Calvillo, Jesse Calvillo

  • What was Brandon Calvillo universities?

    Brandon Calvillo studied at Went to El Dorado High School

  • How tall is Brandon Calvillo?

    Brandon Calvillo's height is 185

  • Who is Brandon Calvillo's father?

    Brandon Calvillo's father is K

  • Who is Brandon Calvillo's mother?

    Brandon Calvillo's mother is Kimberly

  • What is Brandon Calvillo's sun sign?

    Brandon Calvillo is Leo

  • How famous is Brandon Calvillo?

    Brandon Calvillo is famouse as Viner, Instagram Star

  • What is Brandon Calvillo's twitter?

    Brandon Calvillo's twitter is

  • What is Brandon Calvillo's instagram?

    Brandon Calvillo's instagram is