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Brandon Bowen's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Brandon Bowen, the famous Vine Personality; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriend, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJanuary 21, 1998
FamousSocial Media Stars, Viners
Birth PlaceGeorgia, USA
Net Worth$0.7 million as of Jan 28,2017
Sun SignAquarius
Born inGeorgia, USA
Famous asViner

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Who is Brandon Bowen?

Brandon Bowen is no new name to the ‘Vine’ community—his 6-seconds ‘Vine’ videos have already taken the social media world by storm! And thanks to his immense grit and great sense of humor, his ‘Vine’ account is one of the reasons for the downtrodden to feel lighter and laugh away to glory. Why? Brandon Bowen’s only aim behind stepping into social media was to combat cyberbullying. And the route that he chose—humor—is why millions look up to him and call him their favorite social media artist. If you haven’t come across his ‘Vine’ or ‘YouTube’ channels, you surely are missing out on some great fun! Bid farewell to the productivity for the day, because there is just no way you can stop yourself from binge watching his videos!

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Brandon has now become a sensation on social media and it all started when he “blocked out the haters” by donning spoons over his eyes. This 6-seconds ‘Vine’ video struck him with an all-time fame and now you can even see him on talk shows and interviews, cracking every one up! His decision to start a ‘Vine’ channel didn’t pop into his mind overnight. Brandon resorted to creating minimalist and extremely hilarious ‘Vine’ videos as a strategy to counter bullying. A victim of it himself, Brandon knew that hate only begets hate and the only way to block out the haters is through some sidesplitting video content. And voila! Brandon Bowen, the 18-year old ‘professional fatty, amateur Viner’ as he calls himself, is regarded as one of the most popular Viners of all time! His videos like ‘Help’, ‘Donald Trump reaching out to the teenagers’, ‘Young Donald Trump meets his new neighbors’ have received over 2 million views, proving just how incredible his creative skills are. Known as the guy who had everyone in his school cracking up, Brandon has even taken to ‘YouTube’ to spread joy through humor.

His ‘YouTube’ channel has now over 65,000 subscribers and is mostly used to upload hilarious short sketches, which is a new experience for everyone hooked on to his 6-seconds videos. His videos like ‘Eric the drunken weather man’, ‘Clown sighting’, and ‘I call shotgun’ still remain as some of his most popular shorts. With this kind of brilliance, it is with complete certainty that Brandon’s career will reach for the stars in just a matter of time!

What Makes Brandon Bowen So Special

Serving as an ultimate inspiration to this generation, Brandon Bowen is in the spotlight for more than just his ‘Vine’ and ‘YouTube’ videos. He is the voice and representative of everyone who once or are still being bullied over the net for reasons that just shouldn’t be. Being on the heavier side, Brandon often received a lot of hate for his body weight but his decision to retaliate with humor is what make him is special, always. According to Brandon, his decision to combat cyberbullying with ‘Vine’ videos should stand as an encouragement to everyone who crumbles under this pressure. His only aim with all the fame he is currently drowning in is to serve as an inspiration to everyone affected with cyber bullying.

Beyond Fame

If you thought this young man’s fame is confined to social media, you’re in for a surprise! Brandon’s ‘Vine’ fame has even fetched him a role in mainstream Hollywood movie and now he has another title to add after his name—movie actor. Brandon was offered a role in the 2016 Fox Digital Studio’s teen comedy movie ‘Mono’, which also featured other ‘Vine’ stars like Jake Paul and Christian DelGrosso.

Behind The Curtains

Brandon Bowen was born on January 21, 1998 and hails from Ocilla, Georgia, USA. There isn’t much information regarding his family that we could find, except that he has featured his mom in some of his ‘Vine’ videos. Apart from Brandon’s obvious fame on ‘Vine’ and ‘YouTube’, he is also a star on other social media platforms like ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’.


Brandon Bowen is one of the few Viners to have surpassed 1 million followers in just 1 year into the account.

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Brandon Bowen's FAQ

  • What is Brandon Bowen birthday?

    Brandon Bowen was born at 1998-01-21

  • Where is Brandon Bowen's birth place?

    Brandon Bowen was born in Georgia, USA

  • What is Brandon Bowen nationalities?

    Brandon Bowen's nationalities is American

  • How tall is Brandon Bowen?

    Brandon Bowen's height is 160

  • What is Brandon Bowen's sun sign?

    Brandon Bowen is Aquarius

  • How famous is Brandon Bowen?

    Brandon Bowen is famouse as Viner

  • What is Brandon Bowen's facebook?

    Brandon Bowen's facebook is

  • What is Brandon Bowen's twitter?

    Brandon Bowen's twitter is

  • What is Brandon Bowen's instagram?

    Brandon Bowen's instagram is