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Salice Rose's Personal Details

Salice Rose is an American Instagram star and social media celebrity

BirthdayNovember 20, 1994
FamousInstagram Star, Youtubers, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, Vloggers
Nick namesSalsa Roja, Popeyes Queen
Birth PlaceCalifornia
Net Worth‎$0.4 million as of Dec 10,2016
Sun SignScorpio
Born inCalifornia
Famous asInstagram Star, YouTuber

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Who is Salice Rose?

Salice Rose is an American Instagram star who has become highly popular for posting multiple number of videos on Instagram. She is known more for her videos rather than the pictures she has uploaded and has gained more than 7.6 million followers within a short period of time. She also gained a large number of followers when ‘My Story’ appeared on SnapChat. She is a brunette who often dyes her hair to give it various colors like red. She is well supported by her followers and enjoys a very good relationship with them. She adopts a way of talking that is very down to earth, easily understood and accepted by her followers. She dances and sings to make her point and even does a bit of acting when she describes some interaction with others. She mixes up her talks, dancing and singing with background music to make her videos highly entertaining.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Salice Rose posted her first pictures on Instagram in the month of August, 2013. After people saw her videos on various topics she became a well-known figure on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. At present she has more than 180K followers on Twitter. Her videos can also be seen on YouTube on which she has more than 120K subscribers. She has more than 1.5 million fans on FaceBook. During the middle of 2015 she started getting almost 5K followers every day which increased by a great extent after ‘My Story’ became available on SnapChat. She promotes apparel for some companies which include T-shirts, hoodies and other clothes. Her videos contain talks on many problems that are faced by youngsters as they grow up to be adults and how to handle them. The funny content in many of her videos is also responsible for her immense popularity.

What Makes Salice So Special

Salice Rose is very popular because she is quite attractive. The biggest advantage that Salice Rose enjoys is the genuine relationship she shares with her followers unlike many celebrities of her age. Her relationship with her followers has earned her their continuous support which has been present since day one. Many of her videos have become very popular because many youngsters could relate themselves to what she was talking about and felt they had the same problems that she had. The solutions and advice she offers in a very friendly manner to her viewers on these videos made them feel that she is the first person who understands their problems. This feeling of oneness of her followers has given Salice all the popularity and support she wanted.

Beyond Fame

Salice Rose has received a lot of criticism though she has a good number of followers on various social media. She has been said to have tried to become popular by getting other celebrities to collaborate with her in her videos. Her personal life has been criticized by many to be fake and she has also been accused of trying to look different from what she actually is. None of the criticisms has deterred her in any way though sometimes they have been quite disappointing at times. Many say that she is gay while others talk about how she uses a fake name instead of using her own. She is an avid follower of waist training techniques and has claimed to have lost two inches from her waist in two weeks with the help of the training regimen she follows. At one point of time she even promoted waist training products through photos on the Instagram. These photos were later deleted because of controversies regarding waist training. She continues to produce videos that attract a lot of viewers and make her more and more popular by the day.

Behind The Curtains

Salice Rose is of Peruvian descent which has exposed her to the Spanish language from her childhood. She grew up in California with two of her two brothers. Very little is known about her parents and brothers at this moment. She is extremely fond of different kinds of food and is sometimes referred to as being married to it. The foods she likes most include pizza rolls, hot cheetos, smore tarts and popeyes. She also likes to watch Netflix for the latest videos and movies. Though she uses English as the main medium of communication with her followers, she is well conversant in Spanish also.


Salice Rose is a fan of R&B singer Trey Songz.

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Salice Rose's FAQ

  • What is Salice Rose birthday?

    Salice Rose was born at 1994-11-20

  • Where is Salice Rose's birth place?

    Salice Rose was born in California

  • What is Salice Rose nationalities?

    Salice Rose's nationalities is American

  • What is Salice Rose nick names?

    Salice Rose's nickNames is Salsa Roja, Popeyes Queen

  • How tall is Salice Rose?

    Salice Rose's height is 165

  • What is Salice Rose's sun sign?

    Salice Rose is Scorpio

  • How famous is Salice Rose?

    Salice Rose is famouse as Instagram Star, YouTuber

  • What is Salice Rose's facebook?

    Salice Rose's facebook is

  • What is Salice Rose's twitter?

    Salice Rose's twitter is

  • What is Salice Rose's instagram?

    Salice Rose's instagram is