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Ryland Lynch's Personal Details

Ryland Lynch is the youngest member of the Lynch family

BirthdayApril 17, 1997
FamousMember of Lynch Family, Social Media Stars
SiblingsRiker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch
Birth PlaceLittleton, Colorado, United States
FatherMark Lynch
MotherStormie Lynch
Sun SignAries
Born inLittleton, Colorado, United States
Famous asMember of Lynch Family

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Who is Ryland Lynch?

Ryland Lynch is the youngest member of the Lynch family. The siblings are famous for their rock band ‘R5’.He usually plays the part of a DJ (Disc Jockey) in the shows of R5. He tours with the band and is known as the unofficial manager of the band. He also works in different commercials and television series as a child actor. Ryland has featured in the Kids Bop commercial and video with Sean Kingston. He was also part of the Nickelodeon show, ‘The Fresh Beat Band’ (2009), short comedy ‘Google Is Watching You’ (2011) and ‘R5: All Day, All Night’ (2015)— a movie that follows pop-rock band R5's lives behind the scenes.

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Ryland Lynch is a young and talented boy with an immense knack for music. He was introduced in this field at the tender age of 12 and played the drum for the band. But soon he was replaced as he was unable to keep pace with the other band members. The family encouraged him a lot to prove him in the music field and he did it with style.”Fall Back in Love” was his first solo album and was a colossal hit. His second album “Take Me There” was also at the top of the music charts. Both the albums received rave reviews. In 2015, he, along with his brothers, performed at a charity show organized by the NHL (National Hockey League) superstar, Luc Robitaille. Ryland is a successful musician and travels worldwide for musical events. He was also a part of “The Rise of The Phoenix Tour” with American singer and actress, Olivia Holt, in 2016.

I had a great time DJing last night! thanks @rikerr5 for the video ?lol

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Personal Life

Ryland Lynch was born on April, 17 1997 in Colorado, United States. His parents, Stormie and Mark Lynch, decided to relocate to Los Angeles as they could sense the determination of their children to carve a name in the world of entertainment. Riker, Rydal, Rocky, Ross and Ryland are extremely talented and perform at musical concerts worldwide. Before relocating to Los Angeles, the Lynch siblings attended music school in Colorado. Initially they used to perform at family get togethers and charged a dollar for their performance, which is quite rare.”Without You” was R5‘s first music video. Music was something that connected the Lynch family and it continues to do so.

Happy boy

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Ryland Lynch's FAQ

  • What is Ryland Lynch birthday?

    Ryland Lynch was born at 1997-04-17

  • Where is Ryland Lynch's birth place?

    Ryland Lynch was born in Littleton, Colorado, United States

  • What is Ryland Lynch nationalities?

    Ryland Lynch's nationalities is American

  • Who is Ryland Lynch siblings?

    Ryland Lynch's siblings is Riker Lynch, Rocky Lynch, Ross Lynch, Rydel Lynch

  • Who is Ryland Lynch's father?

    Ryland Lynch's father is Mark Lynch

  • Who is Ryland Lynch's mother?

    Ryland Lynch's mother is Stormie Lynch

  • What is Ryland Lynch's sun sign?

    Ryland Lynch is Aries

  • How famous is Ryland Lynch?

    Ryland Lynch is famouse as Member of Lynch Family

  • What is Ryland Lynch's facebook?

    Ryland Lynch's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014339566752

  • What is Ryland Lynch's twitter?

    Ryland Lynch's twitter is https://twitter.com/rylandlynch/

  • What is Ryland Lynch's instagram?

    Ryland Lynch's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/rylandlynch/

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