With the origin of Reggae music in Jamaica, reggae singers came with two similar styles called ska and rocksteady. The singers often combined these two styles and sung in Jamaican patois which is a dialect of English. Reggae music was pioneered by Bob Marley and the Wailers and they also paved the way for many other famous reggae singers. As the years passed this music was influenced by American blues and jazz and the first reggae single was recorded by The Pioneers. Reggae singers often sing in lyrics which are not easily understood by Americans and British. They also usually sing about Rastafarianism which is a popular religion in Jamaica and uses Cannabis as a sacred religious substance. Reggae singers represented the youth and the rebellious rude and aggressive boys of Jamaica. These singers often voiced out the sentiments of young men who underwent violence and were unemployed. Soon becoming a global phenomenon, reggae singers no more stressed on the rude boys but the music is still considered to be rebellious. Many bands and singers have become famous since Bob Marley and have still kept the spirit of this music alive. Read more about famous reggae singers and their biographies. Also learn interesting facts and trivia about them from their life histories.