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PiinkSparkles's Personal Details

All about American YouTube star, Model & Fashion Vlogger PiinkSparkles; her age, birthday, boyfriends, net worth, and some fun facts.

BirthdayMay 17, 1990
FamousBeauty, Fashion Vlogger, Youtubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, Beauty Vloggers, Fashion Vloggers
SiblingsChelsey (sister), Derek (brother)
Known asSamantha
Birth PlaceCanada
Sun SignTaurus
Born inCanada
Famous asYouTuber, Beauty & Fashion Vlogger

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Who is PiinkSparkles?

The very attractive and sensual beauty vlogger Samantha, is killing it on YouTube with her channel ‘PiinkSparkles.’One of the most famous fashion and makeup vloggers of all time, she has over 910 K subscribers on YouTube, and is anticipating to cross the one million mark in 2017. With 1172 videos on her channel, she has videos ranging from tutorials to shopping hauls. She is loved by her female fans, who learn fashion trends from her, and is drooled over by many young lads. The twenty-something Samantha, nicknamed Sam, has even got Instagram raving about her. She uploads picture perfect photographs of herself that has earned her more than 164 K followers and also a handsome 71.3 K fan following on Twitter. Numerous pages on Facebook have been dedicated to this diva, with her original page consisting of over 22 K likes. Millions of viewers tune into her channel to take tips from this ravishing beauty whoinspires many to look glamorous.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Samantha uploaded her first beauty video in May 2010, almost a year after she created her channel. The video, titled ‘3 quick and easy hairstyles for school’, demonstrated how to go about making easy hairstyles to flaunt as a teenager. For her first video she received nearly 150K likes and quickly gained more than 5K subscribers. She also has two other channels, called the ‘PinkBarbieDolly’ where she basically uploads vegan recipes and some routine vlogs. Her other channel features her brother Derek, and is called ‘SockzVSBarbie’ where she does random challenges. She is also a fashion guru, often blogging on various fashion sites for latest reviews of products and tips for makeup and accessories.

What Makes PiinkSparkles So Special

Besides being hot and attractive, Samantha is very loving and full of life. In her videos she appears as a very cheerful personality, and maintains a very positive vibe. She isn’t pompous and is humble in every way. According to her, true beauty lies in one’s soul and not their outward appearances alone. She says that every woman is gorgeous and there is nothing exceptional about her. Rather her mission is to make every woman embrace their beauty and feel confident and beautiful. Like all women, she loves to look stunning and maintains a healthy diet to help her natural beauty flourish. She also loves dying her hair various colors and doesn’t mind taking risks with tattoos and piercings. Thus, she is pretty dauntless as well. She is optimistic and has always learnt from her past and wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Beyond Fame

Sam remembers playing plenty of sports when she was younger, especially volleyball, basketball and badminton, but being a beauty vloggerhas now consumed most of her time. Therefore she can’t dedicate enough time to playing sports any longer. She loves staying fit, and eats vegetables to replenish her body with nutrients. Her favorite festive season movie is ‘Four Christmases’, she finds it hilarious and can watch it repeatedly. Her favorite television show is ‘Breaking Bad.’ Her hobby is to travel and one day she wants to travel all around the world with her family. Her favorite color can obviously be guessed from her channel name itself, which is pink; she also likes light blue. Her favorite food is stir fried vegetables. She also loves body art and therefore has a fancy for tattoos.

Behind The Curtains

PiinkSparkles or Samantha, was born in Canada. Her mother Stacy is equally beautiful; she calls her mother her ‘best friend.’ The two share a very strong bond and they don’t keep secrets from each other and always have each other’s back during difficult times. She respects and looks up to her father and his achievements. She has two siblings, an elder sister Chelsey and a younger brother Derrek. She loved eating custard as a child and was very protective of her younger brother.She also used to watch plenty of television as a teenager. She loved going to school and playing with her classmates. She was one of the brightest kids in her class in high school, especially in mathematics. She used to live with her family, but has currently moved in with her boyfriend, Dalton. The couple has a cat and a dog and plan to tie the knot in near future. They also have a separate YouTube channel ‘The Challenge Chomp’where both of them post challenges together. One thing that she still wants to do is to visit Australia with her mother.


Her favorite makeup brand is ‘MAC Cosmetics’, she thinks it’s composite and contains everything under the sun related to fashion.

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PiinkSparkles's FAQ

  • What is PiinkSparkles birthday?

    PiinkSparkles was born at 1990-05-17

  • Where is PiinkSparkles's birth place?

    PiinkSparkles was born in Canada

  • What is PiinkSparkles nationalities?

    PiinkSparkles's nationalities is Canadian

  • Who is PiinkSparkles siblings?

    PiinkSparkles's siblings is Chelsey (sister), Derek (brother)

  • How tall is PiinkSparkles?

    PiinkSparkles's height is 152

  • Who is PiinkSparkles's father?

    PiinkSparkles's father is S

  • Who is PiinkSparkles's mother?

    PiinkSparkles's mother is Stacy

  • What is PiinkSparkles's sun sign?

    PiinkSparkles is Taurus

  • How famous is PiinkSparkles?

    PiinkSparkles is famouse as YouTuber, Beauty & Fashion Vlogger

  • What is PiinkSparkles's facebook?

    PiinkSparkles's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/Piinksparkles-125551880807006/

  • What is PiinkSparkles's twitter?

    PiinkSparkles's twitter is https://twitter.com/piinksparkles

  • What is PiinkSparkles's youtube?

    PiinkSparkles's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCgDVqiPU10shxzmwkMwJ6A

  • What is PiinkSparkles's instagram?

    PiinkSparkles's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/realpiinksparkles/