Newspaper columnists write the columns that appear in newspapers. A column is a recurring piece of writing that contains a commentary, opinion or point of view of the author. Columns add character to a particular publication like newspapers or magazine, and there are readers who prefer a certain newspaper mainly because of the columns that appear there. There are specific columnists who write on certain topics like travel, health and wellness, spirituality, relationships, food and drinks, etc. Columns may appear daily or on a weekly basis, and a columnist may write exclusively for one newspaper at a time, or have his columns published in several newspapers simultaneously. Unlike news stories and reports that are meant to be objective and unbiased, columns carry the personal opinions of the writers which impart to them a unique characteristic. Columnists have to be aware of the current trends in their respective fields, and should constantly be on the lookout for topics of interest to the readers. They have to research and gather information on relevant issues and give their own commentary or interpretation. Browse through these biographies and timelines to know about the life and works of various famous newspaper columnists from all over the world.