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The Most Famous Welsh

Emma Rhys-JonesJuly 29, 1991WelshEmma Rhys-Jones is best known as the fiancée of Welsh professional footballer Gareth Bale
Leondre Antonio DevriesOctober 6, 2000WelshLeondre Devries is a British Rapper
Laura AshleySeptember 7, 1925WelshLaura Ashley was a Welsh fashion designer
Shirley BasseyJanuary 8, 1937WelshShirley Bassey is a world-famous Welsh singer who has recorded numerous hits and is best known for her three James Bond theme songs.
Marina DiamandisOctober 10, 1985WelshMarina Diamandis is a Welsh singer-songwriter known by her stage name 'Marina and the Diamonds'
Taron EgertonNovember 10, 1989WelshTaron Egerton is a Welsh actor known for his role in the TV series 'The Smoke.'
Ryan GiggsNovember 29, 1973WelshRyan Giggs is a famous British-Welsh former footballer
Reuben De MaidMarch 24, 2005WelshReuben De Maid is a Welsh singer and makeup artist
Roald DahlSeptember 13, 1916WelshRoald Dahl was a British novelist, short story writer and poet
Shaheen JafargholiJanuary 23, 1997WelshShaheen Jafargholi is a Welsh singer as well as an actor
Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell was a renowned British philosopher, logicians and mathematician

WelshMay 18, 1872188 views

David Lloyd George

David Lloyd George was a British Liberal politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1916 to 1922

WelshJanuary 17, 1863205 views

Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs is a famous British-Welsh former footballer

WelshNovember 29, 1973294 views