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Joseph Garrett's Personal Details

Joseph Garrett is a famous British YouTuber and social media celebrity

BirthdayDecember 13, 1990
FamousYoutubers, Teens and Kids, YouTubers, Gamers
Group of peopleMinecraft Youtubers
Nick namesStampy, Stampylongnose, Stampylonghead, Mr. Stampy Cat
SiblingsElder sister named Netty, who runs her personal YouTube channel titled NettyPlays.
  • Southampton Solent University
Birth PlaceHampshire, England
Sun SignSagittarius
Born inHampshire, England
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Joseph Garrett?

Whenever we talk about Minecraft game, we’re instantly reminded of the clever, resourceful, video-game addict, Joseph Garrett. The teen prodigy rose to fame for his animated YouTube character Mr. Stampy that presented tips and tricks for Minecraft. He compiled his experiences in the form of a YouTube channel. With over 5 billion views and over 7.8 million subscribers, it turned out to be the most viewed non-celebrity channel in 2014.
Garrett began his career with light ‘Let’s Play’ videos, which he filmed for his own amusement. Seeing its rising popularity among kids, he made them ‘child-friendly’ and started producing more videos under the banner. Garrett found his audience in kids (mainly 6 to 14 years old) therefore, he chose an orange-and-white kitty named Stampy to comment on popular games, mainly Minecraft. He uses real-life characters like iBallisticSquid (played by his friend David Spencer), Netty (played by his sister) and Sqaishey Quack (played by his girlfriend Bethany Bates), which makes his videos more entertaining and life-like.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

As a college student, Joseph dreamed of becoming a games journalist one day. When his first YouTube project became popular, he left the job of a barman to pursue a full-fledged career in online video production. He set out on the road to stardom when he was hired by ‘Game Thirst’ for posting a review on Homefront game.

After the unparalleled success of Stampy’s YouTube channel, Garrett decided to bring out the educational potential of video games by striking a deal with Maker Studios for ‘Wonder Quest’. With this scripted, professionally produced classroom platform, he could create a base for constructively shaping young minds.

Garrett’s character also appeared as the announcer of World Gaming Championship in ‘Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything’, a series premiered on Disney XD sitcom. He is attached to MineCon held in London and the Minecraft film.

He entered into a two-book deal with Egmont Publishing. His first book titled ‘Stampy’s Lovely Book’ was launched on 22nd October 2015 that covered basic facts about Stampy and games, activities and jokes for entertaining children. The kids are anxiously waiting for his second book, which is yet to release in future.

What Makes Joseph Garrett So Special

What we love about Garrett is his ability to portray himself as a big, bright cartoonish character. He treats his viewers as friends and totally connects with them. Jordan Shapiro from ‘Forbes’ praised Garrett’s efforts for bringing out the positive, educational aspects of video games in a light and humorous setting.

He thinks of YouTube as an interactive platform for kids where they can learn a lot more than they do in normal classrooms. In an interview with ‘The Guardian’, Garrett discussed his strategy about the web series ‘Wonder Quest.’ Garrett believes animated cartoons are an excellent way of improvising on our existing education system. With this brand new project, Garrett aims to reach out to all kids, without acting too “babyish.”

Beyond Fame

Needless to say, this lover of kids maintains a very clean and controversy-free image in public as many young ones idolize him. He’s constantly working hard to combine education with gaming experiences, so as to take some of the burden off modern-day parents.

Garrett has no specific plans for his future. He has no idea where he would be after a span of five months; all he knows is he enjoys making videos. He’s constantly thinking of strategies for making better, more entertaining and creative videos. We wish him all the best!

Behind the Curtains

Joseph has great hopes for his future. He believes his upcoming seasons will attract public attention and serve both educational as well as entertainment purposes. Not much is known about Garrett’s family, except that they’re hardcore fans of video games like him and they totally support his decision. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it?


Not many people know that Garrett has two siblings.

His channel ranked among top 10 most watched YouTube channels in the world in 2014.

Mr. Stampy is more popular than most other YouTube personalities including Bieber and the Kardashians.

Joseph confessed on Twitter that he visited Stampylongnose Wiki once, probably to check what people know about his character.

Garrett has appeared in many movies and television programs, in collaboration with Disney and CBBC.

He signed up a deal with 'Maker Studios', owned by Disney. Under a project tilted 'Wonder Quest', he aims to launch a series of educational videos on various subjects, using Minecraft as a tool.

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Joseph Garrett's FAQ

  • What is Joseph Garrett birthday?

    Joseph Garrett was born at 1990-12-13

  • Where is Joseph Garrett's birth place?

    Joseph Garrett was born in Hampshire, England

  • What is Joseph Garrett nationalities?

    Joseph Garrett's nationalities is British

  • What is Joseph Garrett nick names?

    Joseph Garrett's nickNames is Stampy, Stampylongnose, Stampylonghead, Mr. Stampy Cat

  • Who is Joseph Garrett siblings?

    Joseph Garrett's siblings is Elder sister named Netty, who runs her personal YouTube channel titled NettyPlays.

  • What was Joseph Garrett universities?

    Joseph Garrett studied at Southampton Solent University

  • How tall is Joseph Garrett?

    Joseph Garrett's height is 177

  • What is Joseph Garrett's sun sign?

    Joseph Garrett is Sagittarius

  • How famous is Joseph Garrett?

    Joseph Garrett is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Joseph Garrett's facebook?

    Joseph Garrett's facebook is

  • What is Joseph Garrett's twitter?

    Joseph Garrett's twitter is

  • What is Joseph Garrett's youtube?

    Joseph Garrett's youtube is