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Jazmyn Bieber's Personal Details

Jazmyn Bieber is the younger half-sister of Justin Beiber and an Internet celebrity in her own right

BirthdayMay 30, 2008
FamousJustin Bieber's Sister, Youtubers, Social Media Stars
Nick namesJazmyn Kathleen Bieber / Jazzy
SiblingsJaxon Bieber, Justin Bieber
Birth PlaceCanada
FatherJeremy Bieber
MotherErin Wagner
Sun SignGemini
Born inCanada
Famous asYouTuber, Justin Bieber's Sister

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Who is Jazmyn Bieber?

Jazmyn Bieber is the younger half-sister of Justin Beiber, the sensational Canadian pop star. She is a child celebrity and is best known for her appearances in the videos on the 'Jazmyn Bieber Channel' on YouTube, which her parents operate. The channel is quite popular among children and youngsters. She is just a kid and is already successful in making a name for herself in the world of entertainment. While being the sister of a superstar is a very special thing in itself, that’s not all about Jazmyn Bieber! While she first came to fame for being Justin’s sister, she soon took the reins in her hands and started building a social media career in her own right. This, despite her tender age! She is a sweet little girl, with soft blonde hair and deep brown eyes, and it comes as no surprise that the audience adores her. Hidden beneath her innocent beauty is a steely determination to make it big as a social media star that truly differentiates Jazmyn from other kids of her age.

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The Meteoric rise to Stardom

Jazmyn first came into limelight for being the cute little baby sister of the teen pop sensation, Justin Bieber. The singer totally adores his sister and introduced her to his fans on social media. Justin’s fans soon fell in love with the little girl as well, giving Jazmyn her first taste of stardom. Exposed to social media fame at an early age, she grew up to be a confident and ambitious child. Soon she endeavored to do something on her own, and with the support and encouragement of her family, she began her social media career. As of today, Jazmyn Bieber has successfully ventured into the world of YouTube. Her bike riding skills, which she showcases in her introductory video, are monumental. The professionally shot trailer of her channel has amassed over a million views! Jazmyn has already shot a few episodes, including the popular “Whisper Challenge” with one of her friends. She is extremely at ease in front of the lenses and quite professional in her attitude despite her tender age. It definitely shows that the powerhouse of talent has come a long way from just being the sibling of a superstar to become an emerging star in her own right. Her brother Justin Bieber is inordinately proud of his sister and often tweets about her talent.

Personal Life

Jazmyn Kathleen Bieber was born on May 30, 2008 in Canada. She is the first child of Jeremy Bieber and his second wife Erin Wagner. The couple’s second child is Jaxon Bieber. Erin works as an account executive in a telecommunication company named Fibernetics. She is also the director of DiamondBack Media (an entertainment and event management company). Jazmyn is very attached to her brother Justin. They are often spotted together, be it in a musical tour or a shopping trip. Jazzy, as she is fondly called by her brother, has already attained the celebrity status that many children can only dream of acquiring. Her accomplishments at this tender age are a sure shot sign that there is another superstar in the making in the Bieber family!

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Jazmyn Bieber's FAQ

  • What is Jazmyn Bieber birthday?

    Jazmyn Bieber was born at 2008-05-30

  • Where is Jazmyn Bieber's birth place?

    Jazmyn Bieber was born in Canada

  • What is Jazmyn Bieber nationalities?

    Jazmyn Bieber's nationalities is Canadian

  • What is Jazmyn Bieber nick names?

    Jazmyn Bieber's nickNames is Jazmyn Kathleen Bieber / Jazzy

  • Who is Jazmyn Bieber siblings?

    Jazmyn Bieber's siblings is Jaxon Bieber, Justin Bieber

  • Who is Jazmyn Bieber's father?

    Jazmyn Bieber's father is Jeremy Bieber

  • Who is Jazmyn Bieber's mother?

    Jazmyn Bieber's mother is Erin Wagner

  • What is Jazmyn Bieber's sun sign?

    Jazmyn Bieber is Gemini

  • How famous is Jazmyn Bieber?

    Jazmyn Bieber is famouse as YouTuber, Justin Bieber's Sister

  • What is Jazmyn Bieber's facebook?

    Jazmyn Bieber's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/Jazmyn-Bieber-jazzy-347929695239513/

  • What is Jazmyn Bieber's twitter?

    Jazmyn Bieber's twitter is https://twitter.com/jazmynbieber

  • What is Jazmyn Bieber's youtube?

    Jazmyn Bieber's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8sHWxvh4svgGXWL7tgmFyg

  • What is Jazmyn Bieber's instagram?

    Jazmyn Bieber's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/jazmynbieber/