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Itsbambii's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Itsbambii, the famous American social media personality; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayDecember 29, 1998
FamousInstagram Star, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, Viners, Vloggers, YouTube Singers
Birth PlaceOhio
Sun SignCapricorn
Born inOhio
Famous asInstagram Star

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Who is Itsbambii?

Everything that is a part of this universe has a specific purpose and importance. Many times we tend to discriminate between things because they don’t fall into our definition of normal. Social media personality Itsbambii is a transgender who has overcome such hostilities and found an identity that she feels most comfortable with. In the video ‘My Coming Out Story’ she says that since her Kindergarten days, she knew that she was gay. Sixth grade was the worst time of Itsbambii’s life when classmates teased her about her race and rudely told her that she wasn’t completely black. Being uncomfortable with her race, young Bambii found it hard to mingle with people. She couldn’t fit in with anybody. She also faced a lot of embarrassment when people used to publically call her gay and the whole day she used to be disturbed by it. The courageous girl could never confide in her mother because she felt her mother would stop loving her if she learnt the truth. Despite these hard realities, Itsbambii accepted the way she was and began to build her life the way she wanted without being bothered about others.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Itsbambii took the path of social media in March 2014 when she started using the platform ‘Vine’. She has also been uploading photographs and videos on her ‘Instagram’ and ‘YouTube’ pages since then. One of the videos that she uploaded is the Nicki Minaj transformation makeup tutorial. The teen’s video ‘My Real Life’ got over a million views. More than 200K vloggers follow her ‘Vine’ account. Her ‘Instagram’ account has 1.1million followers, while her ‘YouTube’ channel ‘itsbambii Playhouse’ has over 436,480 subscribers. She joined ‘Twitter’ in November 2013 and has over 60K followers. Bambii’s catchphrase is “If you are not slaying then what the f**k are you saying”.

What Makes Itsbambii So Special

The 17-year-old faced serious social problems regarding her sexuality since her younger days, but she chose to do something constructive in her life rather than feeling sorry for herself and brooding. The journey from being a gay male to accepting feminity is not easy any way. In one of her videos on YouTube, the vlogger revealed that since her childhood she wanted to be with girls and was inclined to all things girls did. The boys in her class often teased Bambii by calling her a faggy and it was very difficult for her to grow up this way. To survive she blocked out all the memories of her childhood, because they made her very angry. Not being able to express what she was going through depressed Bambii. In times of distress she would take out her anger on her mother because she had nobody to talk about it and also didn’t know how to express it. In the ninth grade, her mother asked her if she was gay and she blurted out that she was indeed so. She behaved badly with her mother and sister and at one time even choked her sister. Her mother found her sexuality hard to accept and took her to a therapist. From that day onwards Itsbambii started being herself. It is Itsbambii’s strong will and resilience that has made her unique.

Beyond Fame

The followers of Itsbambii were shocked after she came out with a video ‘I Don’t Want To Be Female Anymore’ declaring that she was de-transitioning and would be a male again. She rues that people behave badly with her and recognize her more as a male. But towards the end of the video she is quite sure that she wants to stick to her feminine identity. The video got her around 543,099 views.

Behind The Curtains

Itsbambii was born in Ohio, but lives in Michigan. The vlogger’s sister, ‘Sincerely.ana’ also features in many of her videos. She also has a cousin named Northy. The vlogger’s mother was heartbroken when Bambii told her that she is a transgender, as Bambii was the only boy in her family. The teenager had girlfriends when she was in elementary school, but it was only to assert that she was not gay. But this fact didn’t help her in any way.

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Itsbambii's FAQ

  • What is Itsbambii birthday?

    Itsbambii was born at 1998-12-29

  • Where is Itsbambii's birth place?

    Itsbambii was born in Ohio

  • What is Itsbambii nationalities?

    Itsbambii's nationalities is American

  • Who is Itsbambii siblings?

    Itsbambii's siblings is Sincerely.ana

  • What is Itsbambii's sun sign?

    Itsbambii is Capricorn

  • How famous is Itsbambii?

    Itsbambii is famouse as Instagram Star

  • What is Itsbambii's facebook?

    Itsbambii's facebook is

  • What is Itsbambii's twitter?

    Itsbambii's twitter is

  • What is Itsbambii's youtube?

    Itsbambii's youtube is

  • What is Itsbambii's instagram?

    Itsbambii's instagram is