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Isaac Nakash's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Isaac Nakash, the famous American social media personality & Instagram star; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJuly 8, 1996
FamousInstagram Star, Instagram Stars, Instagram Comedians
Known asizzydogham
Birth PlaceCalifornia
Net Worth$12 million as of Jun 22,2016
Sun SignCancer
Born inCalifornia
Famous asInstagram Star

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Who is Isaac Nakash?

In the modern world, creativity does not remain obscure because of a dearth of avenues to express it! The omnipresent internet provides a channel to everyone to bring out their creativity in the open. Social networking sites are gateways for people to present their creativity. One such social network success is 20-something Isaac Nakash who has become popular on the photo and video sharing site Instagram. The vlogger is an animal lover and the photos and videos of his pet dogs are conspicuous on his Instagram page. The Instagram star’s videos primarily deal with small pranks to make people laugh. The videos are mostly shot outdoors which lends them an extra appeal and freshness. Isaac’s girlfriend has to bear many of his pranks but she enjoys them too.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Isaac Nakash who is popularly known as Izzydogham became known in the cyber space because of his relationship with YouTuber Rachel Levin. Many of Rachel’s videos feature Issac. However, the videos and pictures posted by Isaac himself have also received a good fan following on Instagram and YouTube. The lad has 682K followers on Instagram account Izzydogham while his YouTube channel ‘Isaac Live’ has over a million subscribers and the Izzydogham channel has 20K subscribers. The top video amongst all of Isaac’s videos is the ‘One Million Orbeez in Girlfriend’s Car Prank’ which has accumulated over 185K likes and 7 million views. The other most watched video of his is ‘Uber Prank on Girlfriend’, which drew over 3 million views and150K likes. Isaac’s ‘Pinning Balloons on Random People Prank! (Gone Wrong)’ video has been watched by a million people and got more than 63K likes. Another funny video is ‘Five Types of Guys in the Morning’, which has gained over 37K likes and 514K views. On Vine the Izzydogham account has over 2K followers.

What Makes Isaac Nakash So Special

Izzydogham is an innovative prankster who goes about playing pranks on not only people known to him but also strangers. Isaac’s mischievous behavior brings a smile to people’s faces. His videos capture people’s attention because of an element of suspense and graciousness in them.

Beyond Fame

The 20-year-old faced an awkward situation when he pinned a balloon to a man and instead of taking it lightly he got annoyed by this prank and yelled at him. Isaac had to apologize before the man left the scene. In the video the ‘Ultimate iPhone 7 Drop Test into Swimming Pool (300 Feet!)’ the vlogger smashed the iPhone’s glass after he and his colleague miscalculated its landing from a drone.

Behind the Curtains

Isaac began dating YouTube vlogger Rachel Levin in 2013 and has appeared in her photographs and videos as well. Sometimes he becomes the vlogger’s photographer also. The couple’s relationship is going on smoothly and there is a rumor that the two may tie the knot soon. In one of the videos Rachel does Isaac’s makeup to have some fun, which got thumbs up from 431K people. The pair also posted a video of the celebration of three years of their relationship on YouTube.

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Isaac Nakash's FAQ

  • What is Isaac Nakash birthday?

    Isaac Nakash was born at 1996-07-08

  • Where is Isaac Nakash's birth place?

    Isaac Nakash was born in California

  • What is Isaac Nakash nationalities?

    Isaac Nakash's nationalities is American

  • How tall is Isaac Nakash?

    Isaac Nakash's height is 179

  • What is Isaac Nakash's sun sign?

    Isaac Nakash is Cancer

  • How famous is Isaac Nakash?

    Isaac Nakash is famouse as Instagram Star

  • What is Isaac Nakash's facebook?

    Isaac Nakash's facebook is

  • What is Isaac Nakash's twitter?

    Isaac Nakash's twitter is

  • What is Isaac Nakash's youtube?

    Isaac Nakash's youtube is

  • What is Isaac Nakash's instagram?

    Isaac Nakash's instagram is