Famous Historians - List of Famous Historians

A historian may refer to any person who is involved in the study of history of a particular period of time or any other kind of social phenomenon that has occurred in the past. Historians are regarded as the authority in affairs related to history and they may be involved in many kinds of research activities of past events. In the late 19th century, the profession of a historian became one of the established professions, after many universities were delving into research work. It is very important for a historian to treat all the facts that he procures with a certain degree of objectivity and consider counter evidences that he comes across. Historians hold a significant and important position in the society as they play the role of telling the world the truth. Historians may also be involved in the research of already established facts to ascertain truth or provide other sources of information. The job of a historian is versatile and dynamic one as their work can provide many pieces of information that is hitherto unknown to the world. This collection of biographies with trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history will provide detailed information on famous historians.

The Most Famous Historians

Niccolò MachiavelliMay 3, 1469ItalianNiccolo Machiavelli was an Italian politician, historian and philosopher who is widely known as a founder of modern political science.
David HumeApril 26, 1711ScottishDavid Hume was a Scottish philosopher, essayist and historian, known for his radical philosophical scepticism and empiricism
Thomas CarlyleDecember 4, 1795ScottishThomas Carlyle was a famous philosopher of the Victorian era
Ibn BattutaFebruary 25, 1304MoroccanIbn Batuta was a famous explorer of the medieval era who chronicled his travel accounts spanning over three decades
Herodotus483 BCGreekHerodotus was a Greek historian widely referred to as 'The Father of History'
Franjo RačkiNovember 25, 1828CroatianFranjo Rački was a Croatian historian, politician and writer
Plutarch45Greek, Ancient RomanPlutarch was a famous Greek biographer and essayist
Anna ComnenaDecember 1, 1083GreekAnna Comnena was the Greek princess and scholar who wrote the ‘Alexiad’
Henry AdamsFebruary 16, 1838AmericanHenry Adams was a well known American academician
Mahadev Govind RanadeJanuary 18, 1842IndianMahadev Govind Ranade was an Indian social reformer, a distinguished scholar and founding member of Indian National Congress
Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

Chomsky is an American linguist, political theorist, and activist, often referred to as "the father of modern linguistics”

Bernard Berenson

Bernard Berenson was an American art historian, an expert on Italian Renaissance paintings and drawings

AmericanJune 26, 1865103 views


Strabo was a Greek geographer, philosopher and historian who lived more than two thousand years ago, in the early days of the Roman Empire

Greek64 BC103 views

Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville was a French political thinker famous for his works on sociology and political science

FrenchJuly 29, 1805108 views

Ibn Battuta

Ibn Batuta was a famous explorer of the medieval era who chronicled his travel accounts spanning over three decades

MoroccanFebruary 25, 1304224 views

V. Gordon Childe

Vere Gordon Childe was an Australian historian, linguist and archaeologist

AustralianApril 14, 189294 views

Ibn Khaldun

Ibn Khaldun was a 14th century Arab Muslim historiographer and historian

EgyptianMay 27, 1332161 views

Alan John Percival Taylor

Alan John Percivale Taylor was one of the most highly regarded historians of the 19th and 20th century

BritishMarch 25, 190695 views

Franjo Rački

Franjo Rački was a Croatian historian, politician and writer

CroatianNovember 25, 1828213 views

Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco

Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco was an Ecuadorian writer, best known for his work as a novelist, essayist and journalist

EcuadorianOctober 12, 1908107 views