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Hard Rock singers are composers of hard rock music which a sub-genre of rock music. Hard rock singers usually compose loud, aggressive rock music and heavily include the electric guitar in their music. Finding its origin in garage rock, blues rock and psychedelic rock, hard rock music originated way back in the 1960s with singers usually performing in bands and typically using heavy music like drums and electric guitars. Soon hard rock singers developed into a famous genre and found their peak in years to follow. With Deep Purple and Aerosmith capturing the hearts of millions with their lyrics, hard rock music had found an audience and soon these singers were famous all around the world. In the past two decades several rock bands have originated and Hard rock singers have created records and albums which have won several awards and acclamation. Today hard rock singers come from all across the world. AC/DC, Audioslave, Guns N’ Roses and the recent Creed and Nickleback are only few among the many bands where these singers have created magic for the listeners. Enter this space to read more about famous Hard rock singers and their life histories. Learn interesting facts and trivia from their biographies.

The Most Famous Hard Rock Singers

Michael BoltonFebruary 26, 1953AmericanMichael Bolton is a Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter
Mick JaggerJuly 26, 1943BritishMick Jagger is an illustrious musician, songwriter, singer, actor and the founding member of ‘The Rolling Stones’
Bret MichaelsMarch 15, 1963AmericanBret Michaels is an American musician associated with the glam metal band Poison
Adam GontierMay 25, 1978CanadianAdam Wade Gontier is a famous Canadian singer, music producer and songwriter
Arnel PinedaSeptember 5, 1967FilipinosArnel Campaner Pineda is a popular Filipino singer and songwriter
Andy BiersackDecember 26, 1990AmericanLearn about Andy Biersack, the famous American rock singer and pianist; his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts and more.
Danny KokerJanuary 5, 1964AmericanDanny Koker is an American reality star, musician, producer, and celebrity mechanic, who gained fame for his show ‘Counting Cars’
Brian JohnsonOctober 5, 1947BritishBrian Francis Johnson is an English singer and songwriter
Danny WorsnopSeptember 4, 1990BritishDanny Worsnop is a singer-songwriter, best known for his association with rock bands, such as ‘We Are Harlot’ and ‘Asking Alexandria.’ Find more about his family, personal life, music career, birthday, etc.
Jung Joon-youngFebruary 21, 1989South KoreanJung Joon-young is a South Korean singer-songwriter, RJ, actor and host
Adam Gontier

Adam Gontier

Adam Wade Gontier is a famous Canadian singer, music producer and songwriter

CanadianMay 25, 1978242 views

Brian Johnson

Brian Francis Johnson is an English singer and songwriter

BritishOctober 5, 1947172 views