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Andy Biersack's Personal Details

Learn about Andy Biersack, the famous American rock singer and pianist; his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayDecember 26, 1990
FamousPianists, Singers, Pianists, Singers, Hard Rock Singers
SpousesJuliet Simms
Known asAndrew Dennis
  • School for Creative and Performing Arts
  • Ohio
Birth PlaceUnited States
FatherChris Biersack
MotherAmy Biersack
Net Worth$4 million
Sun SignCapricorn
Born inUnited States
Famous asSinger/Pianist

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Who is Andy Biersack?

The rise of up and coming young talent in the Unites States has taken the American music industry by storm during recent times. This trend started more than a decade ago with the popularity of Justin Timberlake and hasn’t ceased even till date. In the last few years, new names like Ed Sheeran, Zarry, Shawn Mendes and others have hogged the limelight. Their good looks and catchy numbers have become immensely popular and have captured the imagination of the young population across the world. Another such youngster who has become a household name in recent times is Andy Biersack. He is a famous young American singer/pianist who first arrived at the music scene as the lead singer of the band- ‘Black Veil Brides’. He founded the band and remained its last surviving member. Biersack soon adopted the name Andy Black as a part of his claim to fame and forwarded a genre of music which was along the lines of yesteryear bands like ‘Kiss’ and ‘Motley Crue’. Through the course of the next couple of years, Andy Biersack went from strength to strength and gained fame in the American arena.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Andy Biersack was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to a conservative Catholic family. He was educated at a Catholic elementary school, a part of his traditional American upbringing. Biersack took a keen interest in music from a very young age, following bands like ‘The Damned’ and ‘The Misfits’.

Given his different taste in music, as compared to the norm of the times, Biersack was often the subject of bullying by the elder kids in his school, but nonetheless, he maintained his interest in music and in fact went on to depict the example of this bullying in one of his popular music videos.

Biersack then went on to complete his further training in music at the ‘School for Creative and Performing Arts’ in his hometown of Cincinnati. He went on to proclaim that his training at the school would shape his future and it determined his subsequent move to California, to further advance his career in music. This move proved to be his launching pad into stardom.

As a teenager, Biersack showed his affinity towards forming his own band when he and some of friends started a music group called ‘Biersack’, aptly named after himself. It was this group which would later metamorphose into the publicly known rock band ‘Black Veil Brides’. The band signed on with major record labels in early 2009, and this jettisoned them into the release of their first video ‘Knives and Pens’. This video was to raise awareness about bullying that Biersack had endured back during his school years.

The success of this video ensured that the chart topping album ‘We Stich These Wounds’ was released. The success of this album was phenomenal as it managed to break sales thresholds of more than 13000 copies. The next three years proved to be stellar for the band with the release of two more albums in 2011 and 2013.

The fourth album of the band also was released in 2014. The success of the band made many in the industry get up and take notice. This also proved to be the starting point of Biersack’s solo career when he launched his individual brand under the name ‘Andy Black’.

What Makes Andy Biersack So Special

Through his personal career, Biersack followed a different genre of music along the lines of synth and Goth music, which was deviant to what he had been playing with his band – ‘The Black Veil Brides’. This new initiative was to be in addition with what Biersack was working on with his band and did not lead to his exit from the band.

His first individual single ‘They Don’t Need to Understand’ was soon released in May 2014. This was soon followed with Biersack releasing his new individual album in 2016.

In addition to his singing career, Andy Biersack also acted in a few commercials for AT&T and Montana Meth. He also starred in the web series ‘Funny or Die’. A full length feature film called ‘Legion of the Black’ was also promoted to support the band’s third album.

Behind The Curtains

Andy Biersack was raised in a religious family and has amplified his views on god over the years. In April of 2016, Biersack married his current wife, Juliet Simms. Biersack had also made news in recent times for some serious injuries that he has sustained during his recent performances.

The most terrible of these was the one caused due to his fall from a 15-foot stage while performing in Hollywood. It took the artiste quite some time to bounce back to normalcy.

Biersack also sustained serious nose injuries in 2011, but recovered from it speedily and went on to perform soon after the accident.

Andy Biersack has grown by leaps and bounds since bursting on to the scene with the band which he formed with his school friends. The success of his band enabled him to launch a personal career in music which also proved to be successful. Biersack’s rock variant genre has appealed to many and has thus become very popular. Given that he is only 25, he is expected to go places in the years to come.

His tryst with acting has further promoted his success as well as that of his band. His troupe has made record sales in the recent past and is expected to grow even further in the years to come. Andy Black is thus the new phenomenon in rock music and is here to stay.

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Andy Biersack's FAQ

  • What is Andy Biersack birthday?

    Andy Biersack was born at 1990-12-26

  • Where is Andy Biersack's birth place?

    Andy Biersack was born in United States

  • What is Andy Biersack nationalities?

    Andy Biersack's nationalities is American

  • Who is Andy Biersack spouses?

    Andy Biersack's spouses is Juliet Simms

  • What was Andy Biersack universities?

    Andy Biersack studied at School for Creative and Performing Arts, Ohio

  • How tall is Andy Biersack?

    Andy Biersack's height is 193

  • Who is Andy Biersack's father?

    Andy Biersack's father is Chris Biersack

  • Who is Andy Biersack's mother?

    Andy Biersack's mother is Amy Biersack

  • What is Andy Biersack's sun sign?

    Andy Biersack is Capricorn

  • How famous is Andy Biersack?

    Andy Biersack is famouse as Singer/Pianist

  • What is Andy Biersack's twitter?

    Andy Biersack's twitter is

  • What is Andy Biersack's instagram?

    Andy Biersack's instagram is