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Hannah Mae Dugmore's Personal Details

Hannah Mae Dugmore (hmddancer722) is an American Musical.ly star & singer

BirthdayJuly 22, 2002
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Known ashmddancer722
  • Joffrey Ballet School
  • NYC Ballet and Orlando Ballet School
Birth PlaceUSA
Sun SignCancer
Born inUSA
Famous asDancer, Model, Musical.ly Star

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Hannah Mae Dugmore's photo

Who is Hannah Mae Dugmore?

Pretty and petite, Hannah Mae Dugmore is a swell dancer. Using her talent to grab all the attention she could possibly get at the young age of 14, she has gathered over 1.4 million followers and around 50 million hearts on the musical.ly app. While learning ballet dancing, this slender dame has an Instagram account with more than 60K followers. Killing it on musical.ly, Hannah is up against all the big guns like Jacob Sartorius and Baby Ariel, giving them tough competition with her great dance moves coupled with comic relief.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Hannah has earned all her stardom at a very tender age. She was known and acknowledged in her school and neighborhood as an excellent dancer and athlete even before she became a popular internet figure. People began to notice her even more after she uploaded videos on ‘musical.ly’. Her videos gained a lot of attention owing to her dexterity and creative content. Soon from thousands she crossed the one million mark of followers on the app. Having become so popular, ‘musical.ly’ published a compilation of her videos and uploaded it on several social media sites, including Facebook. This doe-eyed girl is also a dancer with the South Florida Dance Company.

What Makes Hannah Mae Dugmore So Special

With so many teenagers uploading videos on musical.ly, Hannah has made her way through all of them and is sparkling with fame. Hannah is doing what she does best, which is to dance! On Instagram she once posted – “Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't.” Hannah, with her training and discipline has reflected this perseverance in the videos she constantly uploads on musical.ly. Hannah performs at a number of shows for foundations that support various causes. She idolises George Balanchine of the ballet world. Being grounded and focused are the two qualities that make her so special.

Beyond Fame

Hannah has been agile and athletic from a very young age. She loves to swim and has won several races too. Possessing the discipline required for a triathlon, she dedicates her time to training and workouts. Being an ace ballet dancer, she is pliable and strong. Even though she looks so dainty, Hannah pulls off some of the most difficult steps in ballet. Hannah has had the privilege of being trained under the legendary Wes Chapman at the American Ballet Theatre. Her favorite dancer is Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov, whom she aspires to replicate. Hannah has been accepted into Intensive dance programs at Joffrey Ballet School, NYC Ballet and Orlando Ballet School because of her dedication.

Behind The Curtains

As a teen, Hannah has gained popularity almost overnight. After she was appreciated for her videos on musical.ly, people began to follow her on other social media sites to get to know her better. It is then that many of her followers recognized the immense talent she possesses. Apart from her supple demeanor, her followers even learnt that she has an adorable younger brother. He is four years younger to her and was born in March 2006, but news of him being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis followed soon after. Thus, Hannah tries in every possible way to spread awareness about this life-threatening disease. Hannah loves her brother; she has put up numerous pictures with him on Instagram and also featured him on her musical.ly videos. Hannah is still young to be dating anyone yet. She does have many admirers and well-wishers, but she is working to better her dance skills. She hopes to master ballet and modern dance. She never forgets to adorn a smile come what may!

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Hannah Mae Dugmore's FAQ

  • What is Hannah Mae Dugmore birthday?

    Hannah Mae Dugmore was born at 2002-07-22

  • Where is Hannah Mae Dugmore's birth place?

    Hannah Mae Dugmore was born in USA

  • What is Hannah Mae Dugmore nationalities?

    Hannah Mae Dugmore's nationalities is American

  • What was Hannah Mae Dugmore universities?

    Hannah Mae Dugmore studied at Joffrey Ballet School, NYC Ballet and Orlando Ballet School

  • What is Hannah Mae Dugmore's sun sign?

    Hannah Mae Dugmore is Cancer

  • How famous is Hannah Mae Dugmore?

    Hannah Mae Dugmore is famouse as Dancer, Model, Musical.ly Star

  • What is Hannah Mae Dugmore's instagram?

    Hannah Mae Dugmore's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/hannahmaetridancer/