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FaZe Jev's Personal Details

This bio about FaZe Jev profiles the young celeb’s personal life and spills a lot of information, such as his birthday, girlfriends, fun facts and trivia related to the life of the social media star.

BirthdayOctober 18, 1993
FamousYoutubers, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Gamers
City/StateNew Jersey
Nick namesJason Eugene
Birth PlaceNew Jersey
Sun SignLibra
Born inNew Jersey
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is FaZe Jev?

If there is one thing that is quite the reality of this era, it is that a huge number of people are making a living out of playing games on social media platforms. As absurd as that may sound, in this digital generation, it is nothing but a sound fact! Meet Jason Eugene, a 23-year-old gamer, who is almost as big as a show biz superstar, for his ‘YouTube’ channel titled ‘FaZe Jev’. For all those of you who’ve never stumbled upon his channel, it is all about Jev delving into intense games and sharing his strategic ways of taking down tough levels, with his fans of similar interests. Jev is not a one man army, he belongs to a professional e-sports team called ‘FaZe Clan’, who competes with other such teams over the internet. Long story short, this gamer has already got the world under his feet with his incredible skills and unique content. No doubt, his channel is something that has the youth going gaga over!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Since his younger days, Jason always spent most of his time behind closed doors playing games, and soon decided that he wanted to one day turn this into a career. Few years later, while working a full time job with overtime, Jason would spend at least 4-5 hours making and editing videos for his ‘YouTube’ channel, sometimes even giving up on sleep. His ‘YouTube’ channel mostly featuring his ‘Call of Duty’ games and commentary, it soon gave him the opportunity to join one of the biggest gaming groups called ‘FaZe’.

Even though the youngster is highly popular for being a part of the ‘FaZe’ group, Jev once mentioned how it was never in his agenda to become one of them but rather to turn gaming into his biggest priority and even a career. Apart from gaming, Jev also takes to ‘YouTube’ to talk about his life-changing experiences growing up and even sometimes sharing close personal details about himself. That’s probably another reason behind his popularity. Jev is known for his mysterious vibes and only focusses on using his fame as an encouragement for other aspiring gamers. Nevertheless, with time and constant, untiring efforts, Jason was able to reach about 2 million subscribers and has earned over 149 million views. Safe to say that shedding all the sweat and the sleepless nights have indeed paid off!

What Makes FaZe Jev So Special

Even though this young man is one of the biggest gamers of this generation, he still plays his games and records them in the same room he started in. This only shows that barring games and making it big in this field, nothing else really matters to Jason! Jev is also loved for his hilarious rants and commentaries during his games, which makes his channel worthy of all the views.

Beyond Fame

He is a staunch supporter of drug and alcohol abuse and openly professes how much it doesn’t appeal to him.

Behind The Curtains

FaZe Jev was born in New Jersey, USA, on October 18th, 1993. He was originally christened Jason Eugene by his parents. He has Indian, Puerto Rican, and African American roots. Most of his childhood still remains a mystery to the masses. Hence, we don’t know much about his parents, but it is said that he has 3 siblings. Growing up, Jev confessed that he was the kind to always question the power and fancied being a rebel, but somehow he regrets it. Through his videos it is quite evident that FaZe did face a tough childhood, and is said to be currently living with his grandparents.


He is widely popular for his love for pink headsets.

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FaZe Jev's FAQ

  • What is FaZe Jev birthday?

    FaZe Jev was born at 1993-10-18

  • Where is FaZe Jev's birth place?

    FaZe Jev was born in New Jersey

  • What is FaZe Jev nationalities?

    FaZe Jev's nationalities is American

  • What is FaZe Jev nick names?

    FaZe Jev's nickNames is Jason Eugene

  • How tall is FaZe Jev?

    FaZe Jev's height is 173

  • What is FaZe Jev's sun sign?

    FaZe Jev is Libra

  • How famous is FaZe Jev?

    FaZe Jev is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is FaZe Jev's twitter?

    FaZe Jev's twitter is https://twitter.com/FaZeJev/

  • What is FaZe Jev's youtube?

    FaZe Jev's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/poketLWEWT

  • What is FaZe Jev's instagram?

    FaZe Jev's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/faze.jevs/