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The Most Famous Welsh Men

Leondre Antonio DevriesOctober 6, 2000WelshLeondre Devries is a British Rapper
Taron EgertonNovember 10, 1989WelshTaron Egerton is a Welsh actor known for his role in the TV series 'The Smoke.'
Reuben De MaidMarch 24, 2005WelshReuben De Maid is a Welsh singer and makeup artist
Ioan GruffuddOctober 6, 1973WelshIoan Gruffudd is an eminent Welsh actor
Jonathan PryceJune 1, 1947WelshJonathan Pryce is a popular Welsh actor and singer
Aneurin BarnardMay 8, 1987WelshAneurin Barnard is a Welsh actor
Ray MillandJanuary 3, 1907WelshRay Milland was a renowned Welsh actor and director
Tom CullenJuly 17, 1985WelshTom Cullen is a Welsh actor, director, producer, and writer
Alun HoddinottAugust 11, 1929WelshA welsh music composer and teacher, Alun Hoddinott was a pioneer of contemporary music
Owain Glyndŵr1349WelshOwain Glyndwr was a legendary leader of Welsh nationalism and the last native Prince of Wales who led the revolt against English rule
Ioan Gruffudd

Ioan Gruffudd

Ioan Gruffudd is an eminent Welsh actor

WelshOctober 6, 1973215 views

Leondre Antonio Devries

Leondre Devries is a British Rapper

WelshOctober 6, 2000819 views

George Herbert

George Herbert was a famous English poet and Anglican priest

BritishApril 3, 1593102 views