Famous Greek Men

The Most Famous Greek Men

Giannis AntetokounmpoDecember 6, 1994GreekGiannis Antetokounmpo, is a Greek basketball player
Socrates470 BCGreekSocrates was one of the most influential Greek philosophers of the ancient era
Solon638 BCGreekSolon was an Athenian lawmaker, poet and politician
Pericles494 BCGreekPericles was an important Greek statesman, orator, patron of the arts, politician, and general of Athens who lived from 495–429 B.C
Pyrros DimasOctober 13, 1971GreekPyrros Dimas is an Albanian-born Greek weightlifter, who won gold medals at three consecutive Olympic Games
Anaxagoras510 BCGreekAnaxagoras was a Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher
Stefanos TsitsipasAugust 12, 1998GreekStefanos Tsitsipas is a Greek professional tennis player
Demosthenes384 BCGreekDemosthenes was a prominent statesman and orator of ancient Greek
Plutarch45Greek, Ancient RomanPlutarch was a famous Greek biographer and essayist
Philip II of Macedon382 BCGreekPhilip II of Macedon was a king who ruled the Ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon from 359 to 336 B.C
Leonidas I

Leonidas I

Leonidas I was a king of the ancient Sparta

Greek540 BC184 views


Isaiah was one of the most influential prophets in Judaism

Israeli108 views

Costa Gavras

Costa-Gavras is a renowned Greek-French film director and producer who is known for making films with overt political themes

FrenchFebruary 12, 1933120 views

Michael Cacoyannis

Michael Cacoyannis was a distinguished Greek Cypriot film director, producer and screenwriter

GreekJune 11, 1921127 views

Pyrros Dimas

Pyrros Dimas is an Albanian-born Greek weightlifter, who won gold medals at three consecutive Olympic Games

GreekOctober 13, 1971300 views

Konstantinos Tsiklitiras

Konstantinos Tsiklitiras was a popular Greek Athlete who won goldmedal in standing long jump in 1912 Olympics

GreekOctober 30, 1888103 views


Anaxagoras was a Pre-Socratic Greek philosopher

Greek510 BC243 views

Aristotle Onassis

Aristotle Onassis was a Greek Argentine business tycoon

GreekJanuary 15, 1906123 views

Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee is a famous American musician and is the founder of the famous bands -‘Mötley Crüe’ and ‘Methods of Mayhem’

GreekOctober 3, 1962177 views

Konstantinos Mavropanos

Konstantinos Mavropanos is a Greek professional footballer who currently plays as a defender for the English club Arsenal FC

GreekDecember 11, 1997139 views