Famous people died in February 2008

Roy Scheider

Roy Scheider

Roy Scheider was an American actor known for films like, ‘The French Connection’, ‘Jaws’, ‘Jaws 2’ and ‘Marathon Man’

AmericanNovember 10, 1932176 views

Joshua Lederberg

Joshua Lederberg was an American geneticist who won the 1958 Nobel Prize in Medicine

AmericanMay 23, 1925140 views

Baba Amte

Baba Amte was an Indian social activist best remembered for his work for rehabilitation of leprosy patients

IndianDecember 26, 1914118 views

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced Transcendental Meditation technique

IndianJanuary 12, 1918223 views