Famous people died in 2010 - page 2

    Lena Horne

    Lena Horne

    Lena Horne was a famous American actress and civil rights activist and is remembered for her roles in ‘The Duke Is Tops’ and ‘Cabin in the Sky’

    AmericanJune 30, 1917258 views

    Tony Curtis

    Tony Curtis was a renowned Hollywood actor, known for his role in films like ‘The Spartacus’

    AmericanJune 3, 1925138 views

    José Saramago

    Jose Saramago was a renowned Portuguese novelist and a Nobel Prize winner in Literature

    Algirdas Brazauskas

    Algirdas Brazauskas was the first President of the post-Soviet Lithuania

    Salvador Jorge Blanco

    Salvador Jorge Blanco is a famous politician and writer who belonged to the Dominican Republic

    DominicanJuly 5, 1926114 views

    Abbey Lincoln

    Anna Marie Wooldridge, better known by her stage name Abbey Lincoln, was a popular American jazz singer and songwriter

    AmericanAugust 6, 1930109 views

    Jaime Escalante

    Jaime Escalante was a celebrated Bolivian teacher and one of the most famous educators in America during 1980s and 1990s

    AmericanDecember 31, 1930141 views

    George Blanda

    George Blanda was an American football quarterback known as ‘The Grand Old Man’ for his unbelievably long career

    AmericanSeptember 17, 1927377 views

    Frank Fenner

    Frank Fenner was an Australian scientist who made remarkable contribution in the field of virology

    Leslie Nielsen

    Leslie Nielsen was one of the most talented Canadian-American actors to ever grace the screen

    CanadianFebruary 11, 1926228 views