Famous people died in 2010

Corey Haim

Corey Haim

Corey Ian Haim was a Canadian actor who was quite popular during the 1980s as a teen idol

CanadianDecember 23, 1971284 views

Georges Charpak

Georges Charpak was a Polish-born French physicist who received the Nobel Prize for inventing the multi-wire proportional chamber

FrenchAugust 1, 1924110 views

Sir James W. Black

Sir James W

BritishJune 14, 1924112 views

Jean Simmons

Jean Merilyn Simmons was a charming and captivating British actress, who became one of the prominent screen goddesses of the mid-twentieth century.

BritishJanuary 31, 1929184 views

Kenneth Noland

Kenneth Noland was an American abstract painter

AmericanApril 10, 1924205 views

Girija Prasad Koirala

Girija Prasad Koirala was a Nepalese politician who served as the Prime Minister of the country at four different times

NepaliJuly 4, 1924162 views

Laurent Fignon

Laurent Patrick Fignon was a French professional road bicycle racer

FrenchAugust 12, 1960222 views

John Eleuthère du Pont

John Eleuthère du Pont was an American philanthropist and heir to the Du Pont family fortune

AmericanNovember 22, 1938119 views

Robert Byrd

Robert Carlyle Byrd was an eminent 20th century American politician

AmericanNovember 20, 1917111 views