Famous people died in 2001

    Phoolan Devi

    Phoolan Devi

    Phoolan Devi, also known as "Bandit queen", was an Indian bandit, who later became a Member of Parliament.

    IndianAugust 10, 1963189 views

    Stanley Kramer

    Stanley Kramer was famous American film producer and director well-known for his 'message films'

    AmericanSeptember 29, 1913110 views

    Nikolay Basov

    Nikolay Basov was a Soviet physicist who won Nobel Prize for his work on quantum electrodynamics

    RussianDecember 14, 1922167 views

    Donald J. Cram

    Donald James Cram was an eminent American chemist who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1987

    AmericanApril 22, 1919103 views

    Dorothy McGuire

    Dorothy McGuire was an American actress who became famous for her role in many movies especially in ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’ and ‘Swiss Family Robinson’

    AmericanJune 14, 191690 views

    Clifford Shull

    Clifford Glenwood Shull was a well-known U.S

    AmericanSeptember 23, 1915108 views

    Birendra of Nepal

    King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev was the 11th king of Nepal

    NepaliDecember 28, 1945212 views

    Ahmad Shah Massoud

    Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was known in his native Afghanistan as the ‘Lion of Panjshir’, was a political and military leader

    AfghanSeptember 2, 1953219 views

    Gilbert Becaud

    Gilbert Becaud is a composer and singer belonging to France

    FrenchOctober 24, 1927100 views

    Mainza Chona

    Mainza Chona was a Zambian politician and diplomat who served as the Vice President of Zambia, and was also the Prime Minister of Zambia twice

    ZambianJanuary 21, 1930185 views