Famous people died in 1990 - page 3

    Curtis Lemay

    Curtis Lemay

    Curtis LeMay was one of the greatest generals in the United States Air Force

    AmericanNovember 15, 1906173 views

    Ava Gardner

    Ava Gardner was an American actress considered to be one of the most beautiful women of her time

    AmericanDecember 24, 1922146 views

    Anatole Broyard

    Anatole Broyard was a writer and an editor for ‘The New York Times’

    AmericanJuly 16, 1920157 views

    Mary Martin

    Mary Martin was an award-winning actress, singer and Broadway star

    Lev Yashin

    Lev Yashin was a footballer who played for Soviet Russia

    RussianOctober 22, 1929581 views

    Reinaldo Arenas

    Reinaldo Arenas was a Cuban writer and poet who rebelled against Fidel Castro’s Cuban government and fled to the US

    CubanJuly 16, 1943185 views

    David Rose

    David Rose was a prominent name in the music industry of America

    AmericanJune 15, 1910123 views

    Leonard Bernstein

    Leonard Bernstein was one of the most influential classical musicians of the 20th century

    AmericanAugust 25, 1918129 views

    Alberto Moravia

    Alberto Moravia was a novelist and journalist of Italian origin

    ItalianNovember 28, 1907120 views

    Aaron Copland

    Aaron Copland was a renowned American composer, writer, and conductor

    AmericanNovember 14, 1900132 views