Famous people died in 1978

    Jomo Kenyatta

    Jomo Kenyatta

    Jomo Kenyatta was a Kenyan politician, who served as the Prime Minister and later the President of Kenya

    KenyanOctober 20, 1891229 views

    Pope Paul VI

    Pope Paul VI was the pope from 21 June 1963 to 6 August 1978

    ItalianSeptember 26, 1897114 views

    Pope John Paul I

    Pope John Paul I was the Pope from 26 August 1978 to 28 September 1978

    ItalianOctober 17, 1912110 views

    Maggie McNamara

    Marguerite "Maggie" McNamara was an American film, television and stage actress

    AmericanJune 18, 1928149 views

    Manne Siegbahn

    Manne Siegbahn was a Swedish physicist, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1924

    SwedishDecember 3, 1886131 views

    Ronald George Wreyford Norrish

    Ronald George Wreyford Norrish was a British Chemist, who received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1967

    Roy Harrod

    Sir Henry Roy Forbes Harrod was an English economist who contributed greatly to the field of macroeconomics

    BritishFebruary 13, 190084 views

    Vincent du Vigneaud

    Vincent du Vigneaud was an American biochemist who was awarded ‘Nobel Prize in Chemistry’ in 1955

    AmericanMay 18, 190193 views

    Jacques Brel

    Jacques Brel was a Belgian singer and actor considered a master of the modern chanson

    BelgianApril 8, 1929157 views

    Robert Menzies

    Robert Gordon Menzies was the longest serving Prime Minister of Australia