Famous people died in 1957

Heinrich Otto Wieland

Heinrich Otto Wieland

Heinrich Otto Wieland was an eminent German scientist who won the 1927 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his investigations of the constitution of the bile acids

GermanJune 4, 1877110 views

Irving Langmuir

Irving Langmuir was an American chemist who won the 1932 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in surface chemistry

AmericanJanuary 31, 1881140 views

Ramon Magsaysay

Ramon Magsaysay was the seventh president of the Philippines

FilipinosAugust 31, 1907142 views

Olive Dennis

Olive Dennis was the first woman to become a member of the American Railway Engineering Association

AmericanNovember 20, 1885168 views

Johannes Stark

Johannes Stark was a German scientist who won the 1919 Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the Stark Effect

GermanApril 15, 1874136 views

Gerty Cori

Gerty Theresa Cori was a Nobel Prize winning biochemist who discovered the catalytic conversion of glycogen

AmericanAugust 15, 1896264 views

V. Gordon Childe

Vere Gordon Childe was an Australian historian, linguist and archaeologist

AustralianApril 14, 189299 views

Jože Plečnik

Joze Plecnik was a great Slovenian architect who tried to model Ljubljana on ancient Athens

SlovenianJanuary 23, 1872132 views

Paul Walden

Paul Walden was a Latvian-German chemist who is known for his path-breaking invention known as Walden inversion

GermanJuly 26, 1863138 views

Constantin Brâncuși

Constantin Brancusi was a Romanian sculptor, painter and photographer

RomanianFebruary 19, 1876162 views