Famous people died in 1952

George VI

George VI

George VI was King of the United Kingdom

BritishDecember 14, 1895210 views

Gregory La Cava

Gregory La Cava was an American film director best known for his comedies ‘My Man Godfrey’ and ‘Stage Door.’ This biography of Gregory La Cava provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.

AmericanMarch 10, 189275 views

Sven Hedin

Sven Hedin was a Swedish explorer, geographer and travel writer known for his expeditions to Central Asia

SwedishFebruary 19, 1865151 views

John Garfield

John Garfield was an American actor, best known for playing rebels and antiheroes on the big screen

AmericanMarch 4, 1913102 views

D. S. Senanayake

Don Stephen Senanayake respected as the ‘Father of the Nation’, was the first Prime Minister of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka)

Sri LankanOctober 20, 1883157 views

Elizabeth Kenny

Elizabeth Kenny was an Australian nurse and health administrator

Knut Hamsun

Knut Hamsun was a Norwegian writer, poet, dramatist, and social critic

NorwegianAugust 4, 1859157 views

Hattie McDaniel

Hattie McDaniel was an African American actress, singer and radio performer

AmericanJune 10, 1895124 views

Charles Scott Sherrington

Charles Sherrington was a Nobel Prize winning English scientist who explained the function of neurons in the human body

BritishNovember 27, 1857188 views

Chaim Weizmann

The famous scientist is known for his discovery of the industrial fermentation

BritishNovember 27, 1874158 views