Famous people died in 1916

Thomas Eakins

Thomas Eakins

Thomas Eakins was an American realist painter, counted amongst the most important artists in American art history

AmericanJuly 25, 1844105 views

William Ramsay

William Ramsay was a Nobel Prize winning chemist who discovered the ‘noble gases’

BritishOctober 2, 1852122 views


Hector Hugh Munro, better known by the pen name Saki, was a witty British writer

BritishDecember 18, 1870229 views

Grigori Rasputin

Rasputin was a Russian farmer-turned-healer, famous for his relationship with the Tsar’s family

RussianJanuary 21, 1869918 views

Sholem Aleichem

Sholem Aleichem was a renowned Yiddish novelist, essayist and playwright

AmericanMarch 2, 185992 views

Max Reger

Max Reger was a German composer counted amongst the greatest composers in his country

GermanMarch 19, 1873131 views

Rubén Darío

Ruben Dario is a famous poet who pioneered a literary movement titled ‘Modernismo’ and changed the face of Spanish literature

NicaraguanJanuary 18, 1867134 views

Richard Dedekind

Richard Dedekind was a German mathematician famous for his contributions to abstract algebra

GermanOctober 6, 1831141 views

Ernst Mach

Ernst Mach was a famous Austrian physicist who discovered the Mach number used to represent the ratio of velocity of sound

AustrianFebruary 18, 1838131 views

Enrique Granados

Wish to know everything about Enrique Granados? Read the biography to know all about childhood, life and timeline.

SpanishJuly 27, 1867116 views