Famous people died in 1898

Ferdinand Cohn

Ferdinand Cohn

Ferdinand Cohn was a German biologist who is considered as the father of bacteriology and microbiology

PolishJanuary 24, 1828148 views

Stéphane Mallarmé

Stéphane Mallarmé, was an eminent French poet and critic

FrenchMarch 18, 1842101 views

Charles Pelham Villiers

Charles Pelham Villiers was a British politician who hold the record for being the longest serving MP in British Parliament

BritishJanuary 3, 1802101 views

Matilda Joslyn Gage

Matilda Joslyn Gage was a prominent nineteenth century suffrage leader, abolitionist and writer

AmericanMarch 24, 1826158 views

Henry Bessemer

Henry Bessemer was a renowned English inventor who discovered the Bessemer process of steel-making

BritishJanuary 19, 1813167 views

Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll was an English writer, mathematician and photographer

BritishJanuary 27, 1832140 views

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a 19th century Muslim philosopher and social activist

IndianOctober 17, 1817142 views

William Ewart Gladstone

William Ewart Gladstone was a famous British politician who served as the Prime Minister of United Kingdom four times

BritishDecember 29, 180971 views

Otto von Bismarck

Otto von Bismarck served as the Chancellor of Germany and the Prime Minister of Prussia

GermanApril 1, 1815275 views