Gabe De Guzman

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Gabe De Guzman is an American dancer

Feb 20, 2001

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Personal Details

  • Birthday: February 20, 2001
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous: Dancers
  • Known as: Gabriel De Guzman
  • Birth Place: Murrieta, California
  • Gender: Male
  • Sun Sign: Pisces

Gabe De Guzman born at

Murrieta, California

Birth Place

According to Gabe De Guzman, ballet is the foundation of all dance styles. He says he wants to be more than just a hip hop dancer, which is exactly why he pushes his limits constantly. He also takes classes in different dance styles as he doesn’t want to be confined to just one typical style. Apart from being a fabulous dancer, Gabe enjoys singing. He also plays keyboard and drums. He is not particularly fond of driving; he says, if he could have superpowers, he would like to have superspeed for sure, so that he could just run instead of driving around, thus saving gas and the Earth!Home made egg rolls and sushi are his favourite dishes. Hisdream job is to tour the whole world as one of the world-famous artists. Gabe’s popular dance partner Kaycee Rice describes Gabe in three words – Energetic, Crazy, and Amazing.

Personal Life

Gabe De Guzman was just about ten years old when he won the Hall of Fame Junior Solo National Championship. He then landed his first ever major gig along Bruno Mars and performed live at a concert. From here there was no looking back for the talented youngster. He went on to dance with Will Smith at the Kids Choice Awards in 2012 and with Carly Rose Sonenclair at the X Factor finale. Later, he appeared in the Microsoft Surface Commercial and on Disney’s ‘Shake It Up’, which he considers one of his greatest achievements!He also was a participant in the Season 9 of ‘America’s Got Talent’ although he was eliminated later. Eventually, he rose to international fame as he became gradually popular over YouTube and gained a huge audience of dance followers all over the globe.

Rise to Stardom

Gabe’s parents have fully supported his dancing career right from the start. As a child, he suffered from asthma and other allergies which needed him to find an indoor activity. Since he was not getting many chances to employ his energy outide, his sister got him into dancing, where he let out all his pent up passion and energy. He has always had a passion for dancing, right from the time he used to dance up and down at his sister’s dance competitions!The audition for Katy Perry’s group was one of the defining moments of Gabe’s life. He was disheartened initially, as he thought he wouldn’t get the part, but when he did, he was estatic! In his own words, his experience was an unbelievable one!He has various social media accounts and he usually posts his dance videos on his YouTube channel.He is quite serious about his dancing career and aspires to make it big in Hollywood someday.

What Makes Gabe So Special

Gabriel is known for his flexiblity and his fabulous moves in dancing, along with his exceptional desire to achieve a success in every style of dancing. Apart from solos, Gabe is also known for his awesome duos with Kaycee Rice. The pair has performed many a times onstage together and is popular for their co-ordination. They were both the finalists in Ellen DeGenres’ new dance series. However, there wasn’t a chance for the judges to select a better one for the prize. Hence, a tie was declared and both of them were awarded the first prize. Since then, they have been popular on YouTube and other social networking sites.

Beyond Fame