Famous people born in May 1931

Carroll Baker

Carroll Baker

Carroll Baker is a former American actress popular as both a serious dramatic actress and a blonde bombshell

AmericanMay 28, 1931212 views

John Robert Schrieffer

John Robert Schrieffer is an American physicist noted for his contributions in developing the BCS theory

AmericanMay 31, 193199 views

Willie Mays

Willie Mays is a retired American professional baseball player who was a center fielder with the New York and San Francisco Giants for the most of his career

AmericanMay 6, 1931150 views

Faten Hamama

Faten Hamama was an Egyptian actress who had a successful career in television as well as in films

EgyptianMay 27, 1931270 views

Jim Jones

Jim Jones was an American cult leader

AmericanMay 13, 1931238 views