Famous people born in June 1983

Kazunari Ninomiya

Kazunari Ninomiya

Kazunari Ninomiya, better known as Nino, is a well-known Japanese singer, actor, and songwriter

JapaneseJune 17, 1983137 views

Aidan Turner

Aidan Turner is a popular Irish actor known for his portrayal of Kili in ‘The Hobbit’ trilogy

IrishJune 19, 1983253 views

Dale Cregan

Dale Cregan is an infamous English drug-dealer and murderer

BritishJune 6, 1983532 views

Ryan Bader

Ryan DuWayne Bader is an accomplished American mixed martial artist (MMA)

AmericanJune 7, 1983177 views

Bethe Correia

Bethe ‘Pitbull’ Correia is a Brazilian mixed martial artist

BrazilianJune 22, 1983182 views


Macklemore is an American rapper who is a part of the well-known duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

AmericanJune 19, 1983162 views

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, who is better known as Cheryl Cole, is an English singer, dancer and television personality

BritishJune 30, 1983104 views

Dennis Roady

Dennis Roady is an American YouTube personality best known for his YouTube pranks

AmericanJune 6, 1983314 views


Ohmwrecker is a gaming YouTuber best known for his Let’s Play videos

AmericanJune 28, 1983400 views

Vili Fualaau

Vili Fualaau is a Samoan American DJ who came into limelight for an illicit sexual relationship with his married sixth grade teacher

AmericanJune 26, 19831,099 views