Famous people born in June 1931

Martinus J. G. Veltman

Martinus J. G. Veltman

Martinus J

DutchJune 27, 1931173 views

V. P. Singh


IndianJune 25, 1931133 views

Gustav Nossal

Gustav Nossal is a distinguished Australian researcher and scientist

AustralianJune 4, 1931159 views

Jackie Mason

Jackie Mason is an acclaimed American stand-up comedian, best known for his solo comedy show ‘The World According To Me’

AmericanJune 9, 1931187 views

John Baldessari

John Baldessari is an American conceptual artist well-known for his unique text-only paintings and photo emulsion images

AmericanJune 7, 193193 views

Raul Castro

Raul Castro is the current President of Cuba and brother of the Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro

CubanJune 3, 1931171 views