Famous people born in 20 December

George Roy Hill

George Roy Hill

George Roy Hill was a renowned American film director

AmericanDecember 20, 1921102 views

Irene Dunne

Irene Dunne was an American stage, film and television actress and singer

AmericanDecember 20, 1898122 views

Robert Menzies

Robert Gordon Menzies was the longest serving Prime Minister of Australia

David Bohm

David Bohm was a renowned theoretical physicist who propounded the theory ‘implicate and explicate order’

AmericanDecember 20, 1917168 views

Claudia Lars

Claudia Lars was a Salvadoran poet and was one of the most outstanding female voices of Latin American poetry in the 20th century

Uri Geller

The famous psychic-entertainer, TV personality and author Uri Geller is popularly known for his spoon-bending antics

IsraeliDecember 20, 1946187 views

Lara Stone

Lara Stone is one of the top models of the world

DutchDecember 20, 1983138 views

Connor White

Connor White is a well-known YouTube star from Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang is a Chinese actor and model

ChineseDecember 20, 19981,324 views

Madison Nicole Fisher

Madison Nicole Fisher is an American actress and YouTuber

AmericanDecember 20, 1991158 views