Famous people born in 1829

William Mason

William Mason

Biography of William Mason, one of the most popular and gifted American composers of all time, giving information on his life, profile and childhood

AmericanJanuary 24, 1829102 views

Theodor Billroth

Theodor Billroth was a great surgeon who invented many surgical procedures

AustrianApril 26, 1829146 views

Louis Moreau Gottschalk

Louis Moreau Gottschalk was a renowned American composer

AmericanMay 8, 182999 views

William Booth

William Booth was an English preacher and humanitarian who founded the Salvation Army

BritishApril 10, 1829127 views

Newton Knight

Newton Knight was an American farmer, a southern Unionist, and a soldier in Mississippi, who was also the leader of the ‘Knight Company,’ a group of soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

AmericanNovember 10, 1829175 views

George Stephen

George Stephen was a Canadian, Scottish born businessman who played the prominent role in the construction of Canadian Pacific Railway

CanadianJune 5, 1829226 views


Geronimo was a well-known Apache leader and a medicine man

AmericanJune 16, 18291,057 views