Famous people born in 13 July

Tom Kenny

Tom Kenny is an American actor known for his work in the series 'SpongeBob SquarePants.'

AmericanJuly 13, 1962142 views

Caleb Logan

Caleb Logan was part of the YouTube vlogging channel Bratayley, which at the time had over 2 million subscribers

AmericanJuly 13, 200282 views

Ma Ying-jeou

Ma Ying-jeou is the current President of Taiwan

TaiwaneseJuly 13, 1950205 views

John Jacob Astor IV

John Jacob Astor IV was an American businessman, real estate builder, investor, inventor, writer, lieutenant colonel in the Spanish–American War, and a prominent member of the Astor family.

AmericanJuly 13, 1864108 views

Luis Alberto Lacalle

Luis Alberto Lacalle was the President of Uruguay from 1990 to 1995

UruguayanJuly 13, 1941201 views

James Young (Chemist)

James Young was a Scottish Chemist

ScottishJuly 13, 181197 views

Erno Rubik

The famous inventor and educationist, Erno Rubik is known world-wide for his invention the ‘Rubik’s Cube’

HungarianJuly 13, 1944381 views

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart is an English actor who garnered great popularity through the television series ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’

BritishJuly 13, 1940217 views

Nathan Bedford Forrest

Nathan Bedford Forrest served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War

AmericanJuly 13, 1821104 views

Robyn Hilton

Robyn Hilton is an American actress known for her role in ‘Blazing Saddles.’

AmericanJuly 13, 1944345 views