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DavidParody's Personal Details

All about Canadian YouTube star DavidParody; his age, birthday, girlfriends, net worth, and some fun facts.

BirthdayMarch 9, 1991
FamousYoutube Star, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Parody YouTubers
  • St. Patrick’s High School
  • Ottawa
Birth PlaceOttawa, Canada
Sun SignPisces
Born inOttawa, Canada
Famous asYouTube Star

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Who is DavidParody?

With his endless parodies, comic vlogs and unique content, David has taken over YouTube by storm. He has earned himself more than 2.6 million subscribers with his hilarious videos. One can instantly recall his makeup parodies that churned out a million views. With his Twitter page encouraging us to “enjoy the journey”, David has certainly raised the bar when it comes to creating funny content on YouTube. Humor comes naturally to him: he is sarcastic, blunt and silly all at once. He has a good fan following on Instagram and Twitter as well, with over 500K on the former and 281K on the latter. He loves living life to the fullest and his advice to all youngsters is to do what they love, and find success in it. Read on to know more about him!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

David took up science and math when he entered 11th Grade as his parents wanted him to become a dentist or doctor. However, he wasn’t interested in those careers and his scores by then were reflecting a disinterest in academics. It is at that time that he came across something that transformed his life. In the summer before he joined college, he got “addicted” to YouTube videos, spending most of his time watching and subscribing to channels. Though he used to make videos with his friends in high school, he didn’t upload them on any platform. It was in 2009 that he first created his YouTube channel and began uploading videos. One day he stumbled upon a makeup tutorial video of ‘Juicystar07’, and the idea of creating a parody of makeup tutorials struck him. He uploaded several parodies of ‘Michelle Phan’ and ‘Bubzbeauty’ and was surprised by the response: people loved it! Thus, he found passion in making people laugh, which he continues even today. He also uploads challenge videos with a group named ALBOE (A Little Bit of Everything). He regularly uploads vlogs and has over 530 videos on his YouTube channel till date.

What Makes DavidParody So Special

Apart from his brilliant parodies and sense of humor, David is beaming with optimistic vibes. His main aim is to spread joy and happiness and wishes that every individual finds what makes them happy in life. He is close to his friends, and loves staying connected with his supporters. He often ‘tweets’ back or replies to fan comments, and is ever grateful to them. His humility shines through his vlogs, he tries to keep his content fresh and at the same time original. There can’t be another David, even though there are plenty of YouTubers trying to imitate his personality and content. He is a family man and loves spending time with his family especially during festivals.

Beyond Fame

David loves sports, his favorite sports from school days are soccer and hockey. He not only loves watching them but is also a good sportsman. David loves snacking on food! He has a rock solid bond with his fridge, and his favorite dessert is ice cream, of which the flavor he loves most is mint-chocolate. He doesn’t like watching television much, however his favorite shows are ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘The Walking Dead’ and cartoons. He hangs out with his girlfriend and his friends when not recording videos. One lesser known fact about David is that he is afraid of dogs.

Behind The Curtains

David’s parents moved from Vietnam to Canada in 1990, and a year later he was born. He is a Canadian and grew up studying in Ottawa. As a child, David was frail and had high fevers on and off; fortunately as he grew he gained good health. He was a very bright student in elementary and middle school. His parents enrolled him into a piano class in his teens, but out of lack of interest he left the following year. In elementary school, he used to be teased and called ‘balloon head’. His favorite part of school was middle and high school as he had plenty of friends. Life changed as he moved into higher secondary. When he had to select science and math as his stream, his dozen friends reduced to only one, Sean, and education became tough. He completed his college, but he was more inclined towards YouTube and took it up full time. He has never mentioned about having a sibling. His girlfriend is Nhi, and she features in quite a few of his videos, the most popular being ‘Girlfriend Does My Makeup Challenge’. The two seem to be deeply in love and they share a great rapport. David is currently busy creating funny videos regularly and hopes to keep on entertaining his fans.


He can bend his elbows to the extent where they look crooked owing to his flexible arms!

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DavidParody's FAQ

  • What is DavidParody birthday?

    DavidParody was born at 1991-03-09

  • Where is DavidParody's birth place?

    DavidParody was born in Ottawa, Canada

  • What is DavidParody nationalities?

    DavidParody's nationalities is Canadian

  • What was DavidParody universities?

    DavidParody studied at St. Patrick’s High School, Ottawa

  • How tall is DavidParody?

    DavidParody's height is 151

  • What is DavidParody's sun sign?

    DavidParody is Pisces

  • How famous is DavidParody?

    DavidParody is famouse as YouTube Star

  • What is DavidParody's twitter?

    DavidParody's twitter is https://twitter.com/DavidParody

  • What is DavidParody's youtube?

    DavidParody's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/DavidParody

  • What is DavidParody's instagram?

    DavidParody's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/davidparody