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DaddyOFive's Personal Details

DaddyOFive is an American YouTuber known for his prank videos

BirthdayDecember 17, 1982
FamousYoutube Star, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, YouTube Pranksters
Known asMichael Christopher Martin
Birth PlaceMaryland
Net Worth$0.3 million as of Mar 11,2017
Sun SignSagittarius
Born inMaryland
Famous asYouTube Star

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Who is DaddyOFive?

Michael Christopher Martin, also known as DaddyOFive, is an American YouTuber known for his prank videos. He, along with his wife, Heather Martin, jointly runs the YouTube channel ‘DaddyOFive’ which predominantly features their five children. The videos often show the parents and the five kids playing "pranks" on one another, but critics believe these pranks go too far and border on child abuse. As a family vlogger, DaddyOFive has earned a strong fan base on YouTube. He launched his first YouTube channel in June 2016, and within a few months it had earned 500k subscribers! His YouTube account DaddyOFive Gaming was launched in October 2016. Before his videos were removed in the wake of a recent controversy, DaddyOFive had over 748k subscribers, and the videos had been viewed more than 176 million times.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

DaddyOFive enjoyed a short burst of stardom before controversies erupted regarding the nature of his videos. Soon after making his first YouTube channel, he accumulated quite a healthy fan base owing to his fun family videos that everyone could connect with. He used to post videos of himself and his wife playing pranks on their children in order to make the audience laugh. Initially this tactic worked and he attracted thousands of subscribers to his channel. However, later on, in the wake of some controversies regarding child abuse, he received severe criticism and his videos were either made private or removed from the channel.

Controversies & Scandals

In the DaddyOFive channel, Mike and his wife played pranks on their children, which many people did not like due to their “abusive nature”. Viewers and prominent YouTubers started hating their videos and pointed out that the husband-wife team targeted their children simply for money and subscriptions. Recently, Mike lost the custody of two of his children due to some prank videos. Rose Hall, the biological mother of the children obtained emergency custody of them. The children featured in a series of "prank" videos, which people including prominent YouTubers said displayed child abuse.

DaddyOFive recently posted a video where the parents pranked their children by accusing one child of bad behavior, and then punishing him physically and emotionally for it. The video showed the parents screaming and swearing at the kids. While initially DaddyOFive's creators claimed that the videos showed pranks that were harmless, and that the children enjoyed taking part in them, this video brought widespread condemnation of the DaddyOFive channel. Due to the subsequent developments, the Martin family posted a video on the DaddyOFive channel, apologizing for what they did, and said that they were unaware of the effects of the videos on their children. They also started taking family counseling. All DaddyOFive videos have now been removed from the channel.

Personal Life

Michael Christopher Martin was born on December 17, 1982 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He was born to American parents. He was first married to Rose Hall, and later to Heather Martin, who is known on YouTube as MommyOFive. He has five children—sons, Jake, Ryan, Cody, Alex, and daughter Emma.

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DaddyOFive's FAQ

  • What is DaddyOFive birthday?

    DaddyOFive was born at 1982-12-17

  • Where is DaddyOFive's birth place?

    DaddyOFive was born in Maryland

  • What is DaddyOFive nationalities?

    DaddyOFive's nationalities is American

  • What is DaddyOFive's sun sign?

    DaddyOFive is Sagittarius

  • How famous is DaddyOFive?

    DaddyOFive is famouse as YouTube Star

  • What is DaddyOFive's facebook?

    DaddyOFive's facebook is

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    DaddyOFive's twitter is

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